What is a non-managed fee-based account?

What is a non-managed fee-based account?

For purposes of this rule, the term “Non-Managed Fee-Based Account Program” shall refer to arrangements in which no investment advisory services are provided by the member or member organization and in which customers are charged a fixed fee and/or a percentage of account value, rather than transaction-based …

What is a 405a?

Penal Code 405a PC is the California statute that makes it a crime for a person to remove someone from police custody by means of a riot. The offense is charged as a felony. Penalties can include up to four years in county jail. The language of the statute reads that: 405a.

What is a 405 account?

405. Account Title: Legal Services Revolving Account. Fund Type: GA – Internal Service Funds.

What is an nmfba?

Non-Managed Fee-Based Account Programs (NMFBA Programs) On June 22, 2005, the SEC approved new NYSE Rule 405A (Non-Managed Fee- Based Account Programs – Disclosure and Monitoring).

Is a Roth IRA a managed account?

You can open a Roth IRA account with as little as $500. Your account is professionally managed for a very low fee of 0.25% of your account balance. The first $5,000 in your account is managed free.

Which of the following do not have equity position?

The best answer is B. Bondholders do not have an equity position – they are creditors of the corporation. Common and preferred shareholders have an equity position.

What is the minimum denomination for a mortgage backed pass through certificate?

Mortgage backed pass through certificates are sold in minimum denominations of $25,000 (instead of the typical $1,000 for other bonds and $100 for Treasury issues).

Are managed accounts worth the cash?

This is where managed accounts might start to make sense. The GAO found that managed account participants do tend to have better diversification and higher savings rates, implying that these managers do add some value and get more out of their accounts.

What is non discretionary account?

In finance, a non-discretionary account is a brokerage account that requires client permission for each trade made by a broker. Thus, the broker would have to contact the client for each trade. A discretionary account, on the other hand, allows brokers to initiate and close trades without client permission. What is Non-Discretionary spending?

What is a fee based account?

This feature opens an account to a larger universe of investment options without the burden of having to fill out the massive amounts of paperwork that come with the direct to fund approach. A fee-based account structure gives your clients easier and greater access to a wider range of investment options. 6. More effective diversification

What is management fee in accounting?

The management fee is intended to compensate the managers for their time and expertise for selecting stocks and managing the portfolio. It can also include other items such as investor relations (IR) expenses and the administration costs of the fund .