What is a good impact factor for an economics journal?

What is a good impact factor for an economics journal?

The Impact Factor and Ranking of the Journal of Socio-Economics

Title H index 2-Year Impact Factor
Economic Journal 80 2.12
International Economic Review 49 1.82
European Economic Review 68 1.81
Cambridge Journal of Economics 37 1.78

Is Econometrica a good journal?

Econometrica is a peer-reviewed academic journal of economics, publishing articles in many areas of economics, especially econometrics. This prize is awarded every two years for an empirical or theoretical applied article published in Econometrica during the past five years.

What are the highest impact factor journals?

List of Top 100 Journals with Impact Factor

Rank Journal Publication Journal Home page
1. Nature – Impact Factor: 42.78 View
2. The New England Journal of Medicine – Impact Factor: 74.7 View
3. Science – Impact Factor: 41.84 View
4. IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition – Impact Factor: 45.17 View

What published research?

In academic publishing, a paper is an academic work that is usually published in an academic journal. It contains original research results or reviews existing results.

What are the top 10 economics journals?

Top 10 Economics Journals 1. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press. This is the oldest English language professional journal… 2. Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press. Another long-standing journal, the Journal of Political… 3. Econometrica, Econometric

What are the most influential journals in the area of Econometrics?

Another influential journal in the area of econometrics is the Journal of Econometrics, established in 1973. The focus of the journal is on econometrics methodologies as well as the way in which these methodologies can be applied to substantive areas of economics.

What is the World Economics Journal?

The World Economics Journal focuses on the production, analysis and use of economic data, a subject of fundamental importance to the world economy. Data on GDP, Prices, Population, Employment, Debt and a host of other variables provide the basis for millions of daily decisions by investors, bankers, businesses, and politicians.

What are the best journals for studying Political Economy?

Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press Another long-standing journal, the Journal of Political Economy was first published in 1892 and covers both theoretical and empirical work.