What is a durometer gauge?

What is a durometer gauge?

A durometer gauge or durometer tester is needed to perform a durometer hardness test procedure. Each durometer or hardness tester measures the depth of an indentation in the material caused by a defined force of a given geometric presser foot. The depth of the indentation reflects the hardness of the material.

How is tire softness measured?

The most effective way to test the degree of hardness or softness of a tire is to use a durometer.

  1. Test your tire when it is at a neutral temperature.
  2. Place a penny into the groove of the tire tread to test the tread depth.

How do you measure a durometer?

The principle used to measure hardness is based on measuring the resistance force of the penetration of a pin into the test material under a known spring load. The amount of penetration (max. 2.5 mm) is converted to hardness reading on a scale with 100 units.

What does a tire durometer do?

Durometers measure the relative hardness of the rubber on your racing tires. You must also take a measurement quickly and be consistent when taking readings. If you place the durometer on your race tire and leave it in the same spot for several seconds the rubber will deform, giving you a false reading.

How can you tell if a tire is compounded?

For better identification of such tires, look at the tyre treadwear reading (hyperlink tyre treadwear reading with How to read a Tyre’s Sidewall article) on a particular tyre – if it reads 200, chances are the tyre is a soft compound type.

What is 60A durometer?

c. Shore 60A = Car Tire Tread. d. Shore 70A* = Running Shoe Sole.

How do you soften tires?

How to Soften Tires

  1. One way to soften tires is to use kerosene. It is best to do this two to three days before a race.
  2. Mix one part paint thinner and one part diesel fuel together.
  3. With the 36-inch grinding disk, rough up the surface of the tire.
  4. Take a gallon of WD40 and soak the tires directly in this.

Does TYRE softener work?

A treated tyre can stay softened for several weeks. Obviously repeated heat cycles (racing!) will eventually reduce its effectiveness, so for best results it is always recommended to reapply fresh coats of GRIP a week prior to any race.