What is a deckhand Rod?

What is a deckhand Rod?

Deckhand rods are the rods of choice for Southern California anglers casting jigs and surface irons. Sometime called “jig sticks”, these rods which are usually 8′ and longer have no reel seats. The grips are made from cork tape (sometimes covered in shrink tube) or tuna/seine cord.

Who is a deck hand?

Deckhands operate and maintain equipment on the deck of a vessel and assist with docking and other operations. The deckhands together make up the deck crew and are responsible for maintaining the ship — other than the engine and other systems that are the responsibility of onboard engineers.

What is a rail rod?

It’s a general term to describe a heavy rod used to fish for large tuna where the rod is placed on the rail during the fight. The rods are usually around 7.5′ long and have a very long front grip usually made of a tough material that won’t be damaged by the rail during the fight.

Where do you mount a reel on a deckhand Rod?

I usually go by putting my elbow an inch or so above the end of the butt then go from there to see where your casting thumb is gonna be. Some people like it higher or lower, it’s all what feels most natural to YOU.

What did deckhands do?

What does bosun stand for?

1 : a petty officer on a merchant ship having charge of hull maintenance and related work. 2 : a naval warrant officer in charge of the hull and all related equipment.