What is a ctr3 in the Navy?

What is a ctr3 in the Navy?

Responsibilites. Cryptologic Technicians Collection (CTRs), serve as experts in intercepting signals of all types. Their responsibilities include: Exploiting signals of interest to identify, locate and report worldwide threats.

What does CTR stand for in Navy?

Cryptologic Technician Collection (CTR) – CTRs serve as experts in intercepting signals.

How much does a Navy Ctr make?

The average salary for a CTR is $48,985 per year in United States, which is 17% higher than the average US Navy salary of $41,793 per year for this job. What is the salary trajectory of a CTR? The salary trajectory of a CTR ranges between locations and employers.

What does a CTN do?

Cryptologic Technicians Networks (CTNs) serve as experts in communication network defense and forensics. Their responsibilities include: Monitoring, identifying, collecting and analyzing information. Providing computer network risk mitigation and network vulnerability assessments and incident response/reconstruction.

How long is Navy CTI a school?

Cryptologic Technician (Technical) class “A” school is approximately eight weeks long. The “A” school follows successful completion a five week preparatory school. After “A” school, each CTT will attend a class”C/D” school that is approximately 7 to 10 weeks in duration. The schools are located in Pensacola, Florida.

How much does a CTN make?

Computer Network Architect. Computer Network Architects typically earn $109,020 a year. The growth in this field is average at five percent. To work in this field and to earn the typical wages, having a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience is necessary.

What can a Navy CTM do in the civilian world?

Navy CTT Description Their responsibilities include operating digital recorders, direction-finding tech and electronic intelligence systems, along with the relevant computer equipment. They also handle the tech that jams enemy electronic sensors and blocks radar-guided weapons.

What does CTR2 stand for?

What does CTR2 mean in Navy? This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand CTR2 in the Governmental field in general and in the Navy terminology in particular.

What is CTR in Navy?

Navy CTT Description. The Navy says CTTs are one of several specialists grouped together under the U.S.

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  • What is CT rating in US Navy?

    Cryptologic Technician (CT) is a United States Navy enlisted rating or job specialty. The CT community performs a wide range of tasks in support of the national intelligence-gathering effort, with an emphasis on cryptology and signal intelligence related products.. Most CT personnel are required to obtain and maintain security clearances.