What is a configuration list?

What is a configuration list?

The system configuration list is a printed record of your system contents. You need to know your system configuration when you plan to install or change any hardware or software and when you recover from a disaster or evaluate the results of a major system change.

What are configuration item categories?

Configuration item types

  • Hardware/Devices.
  • Software/Applications.
  • Communications/Networks.
  • System.
  • Location.
  • Facility.
  • Database.
  • Service.

What are the examples of configuration?

When artwork is laid out in order to maximize the connections between the pieces, this is an example of configuration. When you try to set up your computer hardware and software to work the way you want such as adding a wireless mouse and keyboard, this is an example of configuration.

What is a configuration item level?

The configuration level of the product structure identifies points of configuration management and addresses how to meet their functional requirements. The organization and information of the configuration level are defined by the following objects:

How do you identify a configuration item?

Configuration items can include hardware, equipment, and tangible assets as well as software and documentation. Documentation can include requirements specifications and interface documents. Other documents that serve to identify the configuration of the product or service, such as test results, may also be included.

What identify configuration items?

What are configuration items in ITIL?

A Configuration Item (CI) is an ITIL term used for a component in the infrastructure or item associated with the infrastructure of a company. CIs are controlled by the Configuration Management application. For example, any object or process within the Service Desk application is recorded as a CI.

How do I select a configuration item?

Configuration identification is the selection and specification of the following:

  1. Products delivered to the customer.
  2. Designated internal work products.
  3. Acquired products.
  4. Tools and other capital assets of the project’s work environment.
  5. Other items used in creating and describing these work products.

Which of the following is a configuration items?

Which of the following is a configuration item? Explanation: A configuration item is an approved and accepted deliverable, changes have to be made through formal procedure. 8.

What is configuration item in ITIL?

Which of the following is a configuration item?