What is a Certified Green destination?

What is a Certified Green destination?

“Green Destinations Certified” status is the ultimate type of recognition and is awarded to destinations who comply with all mandatory Green Destinations Standard (policy) criteria.

What is Sustainable Travel International?

Using travel and tourism to create environmental and social impact in destinations around the world. Sustainable Travel International works with communities, companies, governments and organizations to create a better path forward for some of the most vulnerable destinations around the world.

What is tourism certification?

What is a certificate in tourism? This is a unique program available to students who are interested in learning more about the hospitality and travel industries. The classes are designed to provide students with a strong background in the management aspects of these fields.

What is blue tourism?

During the day, one conference and three round-table discussions will be organized to present the conclusions of the report Blue Tourism: towards a sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in regional seas and to present recommendations and experiences on the sustainability of tourism in coastal and marine environment.

How can I fly more sustainably?

There are several tips to fly as ‘sustainable’ as possible.

  1. Choose direct flights. First of all, choose a flight that is as direct as possible.
  2. Choose a more sustainable airline.
  3. Choice of seat while travelling.
  4. Try to avoid air transport.
  5. Use FlyGRN for finding tips on sustainable travel.

How do you travel eco-friendly?

Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

  1. Don’t bag it. You want memories of your holiday to last for years, but 500 years is far too long.
  2. Pack lightly. Every kilo counts when flying.
  3. Share the load.
  4. Travel overland.
  5. Enjoy a near beer.
  6. Be at home in a hotel.
  7. Choose a carbon-offset adventure.
  8. Avoid bottled water.

Why is certification important in tourism?

Why should a destination get certified? A tourist destination certified as sustainable increases its reputation, counteracts overtourism, attracts visitors with purchasing power and environmental awareness, has more satisfied stakeholders and saves money.

What is the need for sustainable tourism certification?

The Preferred by Nature Sustainable Tourism Certification allows companies to integrate, measure and monitor their sustainable management in a systematic way, allowing them to contribute in a tangible way to the achievement of the SDGs.

Why is Green Globe certification important?

The Green Globe certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses and their supply chain partners. Businesses can monitor improvements and document achievements leading to certification of their enterprises’ sustainable operation and management.

What is the best airport in the Azores?

Terceira — the international airport is located in Lajes, and serves both civilians and the military, as the island is home to the Military Command for the Azores along with an US Air Force Base.

What is Terceira’s Airport like?

Terceira’s airport is one of the largest in the Azores because of the American airbase that is stationed there. The airport is named Lajes Field. I have only been at the airport at night: Most international flights land in Ponta Delgada. The airport is a couple of kilometers outside of the city of Ponta Delgada and is close to the waters edge.

How old is Santa Maria Airport in Portugal?

This goes back as far as 1919! Santa Maria Airport is an airport on Santa Maria Island, the airport serves do Porto. The airport is an international airport that has three runways, with the longest runway in the archipelago.

What is the ICAO airport code?

The ICAO airport code consists of four letters and is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).