What is a branch line coupler?

What is a branch line coupler?

A Branch Line Coupler (Quadrature 90° Hybrid) is a four-port network device with a 90° phase difference between two coupled ports. The device can be used for a single antenna Transmitter/Receiver system or an I/Q signal splitter/combiner.

What is directional coupler write its scattering matrix?

A directional coupler is a four-port device that uses waveguides to distribute power. A directional coupler is characterized by its coupling factor, isolation, and directivity. The scattering matrix of a directional coupler is the most convenient representation of its behavior in complex systems.

What is a Lange coupler?

Introduction: The Lange coupler is a four port, interdigitated structure developed by Dr. Julius Lange around 1969. The couplers are widely used as power combiners and splitters in RF amplifiers as well as in mixers and modulators.

What is directional coupler waveguide?

A Directional coupler is a device that samples a small amount of Microwave power for measurement purposes. The power measurements include incident power, reflected power, VSWR values, etc. Directional Coupler is a 4-port waveguide junction consisting of a primary main waveguide and a secondary auxiliary waveguide.

What is a 180 hybrid coupler?

The 180-degree hybrids (also referred to as the “rat race” couplers) are four-part devices that are utilized to either equally divide an input signal or to add-up two fused signals. Signals applied to the difference (∆) input port produces two equal-amplitude output signals that are 180° out of phase with each other.

What is branch line coupler S-matrix?

This page describes Branch Line Coupler S-Matrix ( scattering matrix ). It also covers basics of Branch Line Coupler along with its S-matrix. What is Branch Line Coupler? • It is lossless 4 port hybrid device. • All the four ports are matched.

What is the impedance of a branchline coupler?

The branchline coupler consists of four transmission lines, each a quarter-wavelength long at the target frequency. Two have the characteristic impedance of the terminations (Ports P 1 -P 4) and two have one that is reduced by 1/√2 or is 35.35 Ohms.

What is power split ratio of branch line coupler?

The power split ratio (P) which is used to express the coupling of the branch-line coupler in terms of the ratio of powers to the coupled (port 3) and direct ports (port 2) : In order to define the behaviour of the s-parameters with the frequency change we follow the following way.