What is a 4 magnitude earthquake?

What is a 4 magnitude earthquake?

Light: 4-4.9 GETTY A light earthquake is measured at between 4 and 4.9 on the Richter scale. Like minor quakes, they occur often worldwide, can be felt but generally cause no damage.

What should an earthquake preparation plan include?

Six Ways to Plan Ahead

  • Check for Hazards in the Home. Fasten shelves securely to walls.
  • Identify Safe Places Indoors and Outdoors. Under sturdy furniture such as a heavy desk or table.
  • Educate Yourself and Family Members.
  • Have Disaster Supplies on Hand.
  • Develop an Emergency Communication Plan.
  • Help Your Community Get Ready.

What are the 4 steps to being prepared?

This 4-STEP guide developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics offers tips on how to 1) be informed, 2) make a plan, 3) build a kit, and 4) get involved.

Is it safe to hide under a desk during an earthquake?

The safest place to perform the ‘duck, cover, and hold’ action is under a sturdy desk or table. Taking shelter under a desk protects you from falling debris. There is always a risk that the table will break when a large chunk of debris falls on top of it, but the table lessens the impact.

What causes the ground to shake during an earthquake?

Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake. When two blocks of rock or two plates are rubbing against each other, they stick a little. When the rocks break, the earthquake occurs.

What country has never had an earthquake?


What are the top 5 worst earthquakes?

20 Largest Earthquakes in the World

  • 8.6. Andrean of Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska.
  • 8.6. South of Alaska.
  • 8.5. Banda Sea.
  • 8.5. Atacama, Chile.
  • 8.5. Kuril Islands.
  • 8.4. Near the East Coast of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Kamchatka, Russia.
  • 8.4. Southern Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • 8.4. Near the Coast of Southern Peru. Arequipa, Peru Earthquake.