What if Padme was a Jedi?

What if Padme was a Jedi?

What would happen if Padme was a Jedi? Their relationship would still have been forbidden. The Jedi would probably be interested in hearing how she got pregnant even if she refused to reveal the father.

What if Padme joined Vader?

Vader, would not have been cut down by Kenobi if Padme had joined him. Vader would then have killed his master, Darth Sidious, after Sidious made the Republic an Empire, and he would become the Emperor.

What if Padme was a Sith?

If Padmé Amidala had survived the events depicted in Revenge of the Sith, she would have then been able to raise her children herself. This means Leia would not have been adopted by Bail and Breha Organa.

How much older is Padme than Ahsoka?

Padme starts at 24, goes to 27. Ashoka starts 14, goes until 17. are you sure? can you back up your statements?

Is Padme a Sith?

McCaig’s vision of Padmé as a Sith Lord included a Medusa-like hairstyle that played off of Amidala’s ornate headdress. Keeping the female Sith in the main saga would have also further complicated Anakin and Padmé’s relationship, as well as Anakin’s eventual fall to the Dark Side.

Would Padme have joined the rebellion?

As Padmé was an active Senator in the Republic, it is likely that she would have went on to become a leader in the Rebellion after the birth of the Empire. As a result, she could then have taken a role in the Rebels’ efforts to destroy the Death Star and defeat the Empire.

Was Padme a Sith Lord?

McCaig’s vision of Padmé as a Sith Lord included a Medusa-like hairstyle that played off of Amidala’s ornate headdress. The Dark Queen could have further diversified the Sith Order with the exploration of her own inner conflicts that led her to the Dark Side.

Would Padmé have survived?

It’s been clear that the main issue had to do with Anakin’s mental state. If Anakin just got the help he needed and stayed loyal to the Jedi Order, overcoming Palpatine’s evil temptations, Padmé would’ve survived.

Is Padme in the palace a fanfiction?

PADME IN THE PALACE: a Star Wars fanfiction by shadowgirl999 Padme is caught and enslaved by Jabba. Adults only, contains sexual abuse/rape and sexual humiliation. Chapter one: the capture of a queen.

What happened to Darth Vader’s wife Padmé?

Padmé survived and raised the twins in the Rebellion, believing her husband to be dead. Darth Vader rose to power in the Empire, believeing Padmé to be dead. When they meet again both are disgusted with the path the other has taken yet they still feel drawn to each other.

Who is Padme in the Last Jedi?

Padme is Vader’s fiancee, who is carrying his baby. Darth Vader finally captures the rebel leader who has thwarted him again and again, Black Widow. The only problem is, she is his wife, who he has believed dead for four years.

How did Padme enter the droids in Star Wars?

She pulled out a lock slicer and opened the small door. Entering through the main gates would be not only impossible but also risky, so she slowly slid through the narrow entranceway to the droid bays. Padme slowly shifted through the narrow walls of the bay, using her military training to slide through the lines of non-functional droids.