What hospitals are in Annapolis Maryland?

What hospitals are in Annapolis Maryland?

50 Hospitals near Annapolis, MD

  • Anne Arundel Medical Center. 81% patient experience rating.
  • UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center.
  • Doctors Community Hospital.
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.
  • Medstar Harbor Hospital.
  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  • University Of Maryland Medical Center.
  • Mercy Medical Center.

What is the name of the hospital in Annapolis?

Anne Arundel Medical Center

Anne Arundel Medical Center
Location Annapolis, Maryland, United States
Coordinates 38°59′25″N 76°32′4″WCoordinates: 38°59′25″N 76°32′4″W
Funding Private, Non-Profit

How good is Anne Arundel Medical Center?

AAMC is ranked sixth on the list of Best Hospitals in Maryland. Maryland has about 70 hospitals, of which only 16 meet U.S. News’ standards and are ranked in the state. AAMC was also recognized as high performing for hip replacement, knee replacement, heart failure, and colon cancer surgery services.

Is Anne Arundel Medical Center a teaching hospital?

As a comprehensive teaching hospital, Anne Arundel Medical Center proudly sponsors residency and fellowship programs, and welcomes visiting learners.

Who bought Anne Arundel Medical Center?

Luminis Health
Anne Arundel Medical Center and Doctors Community Health System have finally settled on a name for their combined health system — Luminis Health. The local systems announced plans to combine forces this year, and finalized a merger deal in July.

Does Anne Arundel Medical Center allow visitors?

Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for updates. At AAMC, we know your family and friends play an important role in your care and recovery. All our rooms are private, so you can relax and heal in your own space, and your family and friends (including children) can visit any time, without interruptions.

Where was the old hospital in Annapolis?

The building at 64 Franklin Street was constructed in 1910 as the first hospital of the Annapolis Emergency Hospital Association, an organization founded in 1902.

How many beds does Anne Arundel Medical Center have?

385Sajak Pavilion / Number of beds

How many operating rooms does Anne Arundel Medical Center have?

The center has two simulator operating rooms, eleven surgical stations, and multiple high-tech medical mannequins for training. There are video links between the simulator operating rooms and AAMC main hospital’s operating rooms, and a training room where medical professionals can practice.

Is Anne Arundel Medical Center a non profit?

Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC), a subsidiary of Luminis Health, Inc., is a non-profit health care organization, licensed and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Health Care Organizations, with the following wholly-owned subsidiaries: Anne Arundel Health Care Services, Inc.

Is Anne Arundel Medical Center a 501c3?

Anne Arundel Medical Center Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1955, and donations are tax-deductible.

What are visiting hours at Anne Arundel Medical Center?

This guideline change allows one partner or support person, based on patient situation, to be present during visiting hours throughout the patient’s stay. Visiting hours are 12 pm through 8 pm for inpatient units.