What happens to the little girl in Ghost Ship?

What happens to the little girl in Ghost Ship?

Although several crewmembers and passengers try to save her life from the murderous conspirators, Katie is eventually caught and tragically hanged to death, with her body concealed behind the partitioning door of her cabin.

Who played the little girl in the movie Ghost Ship?


Year Title Role
2001 The Man Who Sued God Rebecca Myers
2002 Ghost Ship Katie Harwood
2003 Darkness Falls Young Caitlin Greene
2003 Ned Kelly Grace Kelly

Is the movie Ghost Ship Based on a true story?

It was Briggs who was at the helm when the Mary Celeste sailed into history. Written with the suspense of a thriller and the vivid accuracy of the best popular history, Ghost Ship tells the unforgettable true story of the most famous and most fascinating maritime mystery of all time.

What is ferriman in Ghost Ship?

Jack Ferriman is the main antagonist of the 2002 film Ghost Ship. He is a demonic seafaring collector of souls that controls the haunted cruise liner Antonio Graza and the arch-nemesis of Maureen Epps as the murderer of her team and the people of the Antonia Graza.

Is Ghost Ship a remake of Death Ship?

Though not actually a remake, it might as well be, since it scrambles elements from those earlier retreads plus bits ‘borrowed’ from the 1980 picture Death Ship (which had an identical poster) and Jamie Lee Curtis salvage killer robot flick, Virus. For a while, the formula works.

How did Ghost Ship end?

The twist: that demon is revealed to have been Ferriman. And while Epps is able to defeat him and destroy the ship, the ending scene undercuts the heroism with a brutal wake-up call.

Was Fergie in the movie Ghost Ship?

Fergie’s two numbers, “Won’t Let You Fall” and “Bailamos,” are not only featured on the soundtrack, but the singer/actress performs them onscreen at the beginning of the film, in her role as the sultry nightclub singer who entertains the New Year’s Eve crowd aboard the ill-fated luxury ocean liner.

What is the point of the movie Ghost Ship?

Ghost Ship brings out the worst in people He tempts them with their desires — for instance, his action of luring the crew of the Arctic Warrior with the promise of gold on the ship to ensure they’ll be trapped, as he sabotages their ship, thereby ensuring that they’ll all be trapped on the Antonia Graza.

Is there a part 2 of Ghost Ship?

The Spirit Box: Sequel to The Ghost Ship Hotel: Book 2 (The Ghost Ship Tales) Kindle Edition. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. The Second book in The Ghost Ship Hotel series.

What is the story behind Ghost Ship?

2002: Ghost Ship is about the Antonia Graza, an Italian ocean liner lost at sea 40 years earlier, and now boarded by a salvage crew who soon encounter the ghostly apparitions of murdered passengers and crew.