What happens if you slightly hit your head?

What happens if you slightly hit your head?

You experience symptoms ranging from headache, dizziness or nausea to feeling confused or out of it. A “mild” concussion is one that is not life-threatening but typically requires a doctor’s care. So if you took a small hit to the head and had any concussion symptoms, you should leave the activity right away.

When you hit your head when should you go to the hospital?

When to go to hospital Unconsciousness or lack of full consciousness, even if the person has now recovered. Any clear fluid running from the ears or nose. Bleeding from one or both ears. Bruising behind one or both ears.

What to do if you hit your head really hard?

Are elderly

  • Take medication to thin the blood
  • Have a bleeding disorder
  • Have a history of heavy alcohol use
  • If you have one or more of the risk factors listed above,call a doctor or go to an emergency department immediately if you have a head injury.
  • What should I watch for after a head injury?

    unconsciousness,either briefly or for a longer period of time

  • difficulty staying awake or still being sleepy several hours after the injury
  • clear fluid leaking from the nose or ears – this could be cerebrospinal fluid,which normally surrounds the brain
  • bleeding from one or both ears
  • bruising behind one or both ears
  • What are the signs of a concussion?

    With increasing age, concussions presenting to EDs become more sports-related. The signs and symptoms changed dramatically with advancing age, with vomiting reducing and headache, LOC, amnesia, and disorientation rising. Reference:thejns.org/pediatrics/view/journals/j-neurosurg-pediatr/28/6/article-p647.xml

    What are the dangers of a concussion?

    causing sudden swelling of the brain, exacerbating previous injury healing process and can be fatal. 50% mortality rate in second-impact concussions. 100% of those who survive have serious permanent neurological deficit such as paralysis, visual and language defects, loss of memory etc.