What happens if you let Chrom kill Grima?

What happens if you let Chrom kill Grima?

For the final story choice, if Chrom kills Grima, you get the ‘normal’ ending with epilogues for each character still alive, and a simple listing of what battle a fallen character died in (and the knowledge that Grima will come back in 500 years).

Is Grima Dead Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem Awakening Grima was stopped by a man with whom Naga had made a blood pact and who wielded Falchion (and therefore very probably a descendant of Marth); in his defeat, Grima was slain and is in the modern era considered to be “sleeping.” The man then went on to become the first Exalt of Ylisse.

Is Chrom related to Marth?

Chrom is the prince, and eventual Exalt, of the Halidom of Ylisse. He is a direct descendant of the First Exalt, and a distant descendant of the Hero-King, Marth. He is also the captain of Ylisse’s elite force, the Shepherds, and wields the legendary blade Falchion.

Is Grima a divine dragon?

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Help Description: A twisted creature born of divine dragon blood.

What is the best strategy for Grima?

The best thing to do is advance quickly to Grima as fast as you can. If you risk getting attacked from the units behind keep a couple of units with high resistance at the rear of your group towards the right, and units good against Paladins on the rear to the left.

What happens if myunit kills Grima?

If MyUnit kills Grima, you view all the same as the ‘normal’ ending above, with the difference that MyUnit has an epitaph instead of an epilogue. In theory, MyUnit is dead in order to destroy Grima once and for all.

How do I get to grima in human form?

Grima in human form is near the head of the Grima dragon form. It is not that simple though, Grima has minions coming left and right. Each round 4 more minions will appear on the map in a certain area, so be careful. The best thing to do is advance quickly to Grima as fast as you can.

How do I beat Grima as Chrom?

This should be the turn you attack Grima so go straight for him and gang up on him with units good against Dragons like Chrom with his Exalted Falchion. Once you defeat Grima you will be given a choice to either have My Unit or Chrom land the final blow.