What happens if you kill Sabal in Far Cry 4?

What happens if you kill Sabal in Far Cry 4?

If you chose to kill Sabal, Amita will now be in charge of the Golden Path. Visit Tirtha to see how she is celebrating the success of overthrowing Pagan Min. You’ll find Amita is aggressively expanding the recruitment of the Golden Path, and expect all families to sacrifice to help bring Kyrat back.

Should you kill Sabal in Far Cry 4?

You can shoot Sabal or spare his life. Amita will ask you to kill Sabal, who wants the division of the Golden Path. Head to the place shown on the map and locate Sabal on the top of the stairs in a small hut. After a conversation, you will only have a short while to shoot him.

What happens if you don’t kill Sabal in Far Cry 4?

If the player decides to shoot Sabal, Ajay shoots Sabal in the head. If the player decides not to shoot Sabal, Ajay tells him to go. Sabal takes his Kukri and drops it on the ground, telling Ajay “Gone, brother, gone.”

Can you kill Sabal at the end of Far Cry 4?

If you sided with Sabal you can find him at Jalendu Temple, the temple on the island you had to save or to blow up. I choose to kill him in this video because, you already saw it coming, he used you. After the job’s finished he display a evil side of him. I hoped it would trigger something but unfortunately not.

What if I spare Amita?

If Ajay decides to shoot Amita, she picks up the folder before slumping on the chair and succumbing to the wound. Sabal’s sole opposition is now gone. If Ajay decides to spare Amita, she picks up the folder and walks away in anger, telling Ajay that while he is sparing her, he is killing Kyrat.

Can you kill Amita after siding with her?

If you side with Amita but don’t kill her after the last interaction with her post game, she can be found southwest of Tirtha, at these coordinates: (X:489.6 Y:356.9). Amita will be found praying at a Kyra statue with two Golden Path members guarding her, despite her testament of breaking away from Kyrat’s traditions.