What happens at the end of The Stepfather?

What happens at the end of The Stepfather?

When Michael wakes up, he finds out he had been in a coma for just over a month. He learns that David is still alive and fled the scene before the police arrived. The end scene shows David, who has again changed his appearance and his name to Chris Ames.

Is The Stepfather 2009 a true story?

The film is loosely based on the life of mass murderer John List, although the plot is more commonly associated with slasher films of the era. The film was written by Donald E. Westlake, from a story by Westlake, Carolyn Lefcourt, and Brian Garfield with an uncredited rewrite by David Loughery.

Is there a sequel to The Stepfather 2009?

Stepfather 2 definitely follows the same formula, but focuses on the courtship leading up to the marriage rather than the marriage itself. It begins with an opening montage, recapping the end of the first film.

Where was stepfather filmed 2009?

The Stepfather was shot in California, USA. Filming also took place at Sony Pictures Studios, located at 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Does The Stepfather have a good ending?

Underrated 1987 psychological slasher The Stepfather features the perfect ending to Jerry Blake’s story, but the sequels completely ruin it. Underrated 1987 psychological slasher The Stepfather features the perfect ending to Jerry Blake’s story, but the sequels completely ruin it.

How many stepfathers movies are there?

The Stepfather1987
Stepfather II1989Stepfather III1992
The Stepfather/Movies

Is The Stepfather scary?

Parents need to know that this thriller/horror remake of 1987’s The Stepfather has plenty of tension, scares, and violence, though most of it is relatively bloodless. Three murders take place on screen (as well as fighting, attacks, etc.), and several other dead bodies are shown.

What is the movie stepfather about?

When Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) returns home from military school, he discovers that his mother (Sela Ward) has a new man, named David (Dylan Walsh), in her life. Though David makes Michael’s mother very happy, Michael cannot seem to shake feelings of distrust. He becomes increasingly suspicious of the man and wonders if the pleasant exterior hides a sinister side.The Stepfather / Film synopsis

How many stepfather movies were there?

What is the movie Stepfather 2 about?

After cheating death by surviving being both stabbed and shot, psychotic killer Jerry (Terry O’Quinn) is placed in a mental institution, but he soon murders his doctor and escapes. Taking on a dead man’s identity, he moves to an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles and sets his sights on local woman Carol (Meg Foster), slowly winning her heart. Carol’s son, Todd (Jonathan Brandis), grows suspicious of his mom’s new lover, however, and tensions reach the boiling point at the couple’s wedding.Stepfather II / Film synopsis

How long is the movie stepfather?

1h 42mThe Stepfather / Running time

Is The Stepfather worth watching?

While it suffers from a few plot holes, lack of gore, and some cheesy horror tropes along the way, it proves to be an enjoyable film overall.

Is the stepfather a remake of the stepfather?

The Stepfather is a 2009 American horror thriller film and a remake of the 1987 horror film of the same title. The film was directed by Nelson McCormick and stars Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh and Sela Ward. The original was directed by Joseph Ruben and shot from a script by Donald Westlake.

What is the movie the stepfather about?

The Stepfather (2009) Michael Harding (Penn Badgely) returns home from military school to find his mother Susan (Sela Ward) happily in love and living with her new boyfriend David (Dylan Walsh).

Who plays the stepfather in the hate you give?

Dylan Walsh plays the stepfather in a role that was actually likable for the first part of the film. He meets a single mom played by Sela Ward and all is picture perfect until her bad boy son comes home from military school.

Why is there so much excitement in the story stepfather?

The excitement is in the buildup, the experience of the characters finding out for themselves who the stepfather really is; especially when you have the one obligatory character, in this case the wayward son, who seems to intuit everything about the man from the first time he sets eyes on him.