What happened to WWE Chris Jericho?

What happened to WWE Chris Jericho?

WRESTLING legend Chris Jericho is receiving treatment in the United Kingdom after being hospitalised while touring with his band Fozzy. The former WWE world champion, who now competes for All Elite Wrestling, is currently taking time off from the ring to tour these shores.

Why did Chris Jericho leave WWE in 2012?

He left the company after his contract expired in August 2005 before returning in November 2007 and took another long hiatus from September 2010-January 2012. At 46 years old, with more than 27 years of experience in pro wrestling, Jericho’s interests away from the ring could prevent him from making a comeback.

What was Chris Jericho last WWE match?

Chris Jericho’s last WWE match came in 2018 at “The Greatest Royal Rumble” pay-per-view, where he was the final entrant in the match. After that, Jericho worked a few matches in NJPW before joining All Elite Wrestling.

Is Chris Jericho coming back to WWE?

Chris Jericho will return to a WWE ring for the first time since July 2017 to compete in the 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

Why was Jericho hospitalized?

The former AEW World Champion was admitted to the hospital recently for a non-COVID-19, treatable health issue. “Chris was checked into Hospital by doctors, with a non Covid related, treatable health issue. Regrettably the show on Friday in Swansea is cancelled and all tickets will be refunded.

Was Chris Jericho fired from WWE?

After his departure from WWE in 2018, Jericho signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he became a one-time IWGP Intercontinental Champion, and becoming the first man to have held both the WWE and IWGP Intercontinental Championships.

Why did Chris Jericho get fired?

During an interview with Inside The Ropes (h/t Nishant Jayaram of Sportskeeda), Jericho revealed that WWE’s booking of his WrestleMania 33 match with Kevin Owens was a key factor in his decision to leave the company. The plan called for Jericho to win his first world championship as a babyface.

Did Jericho win all out?

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Jericho wins by submission. Jericho was actually counted out for his career, but another official came out to help Aubrey Edwards and tell her that Le Champion actually had his foot on the rope.

Did Chris Jericho lose at all out?

AEW All Out 2021 Results: Chris Jericho Defeats MJF, Doesn’t Need To Retire (09/05) Chris Jericho needs to beat MJF. He can’t move on with his career until MJF falls by his hand, with his three losses to the up and comer. However, if he can’t do it tonight – his AEW in-ring career is done.

Did Jericho lose?