What happened to singer Jamie Grace?

What happened to singer Jamie Grace?

After much soul searching and personal reflection, Jamie Grace has decided to go it alone. The 2x Grammy & Billboard Nominated, Dove Award winning singer/songwriter recently announced on social media that she was releasing herself from her contract with Gotee Records, founded and run by TobyMac.

Who are Jamie Grace’s parents?

Mona Harper
James Harper
Jamie Grace/Parents

Did Jamie Grace get a golden ticket on American Idol?

Grace, once signed under TobyMac’s label Gotee, tried out for American Idol on February 2, 2021, and received her golden ticket to Hollywood. While it was a short-lived time on the hit network show, Grace is glad she did it.

Who is Jamie Kimmett?

Now a passionate follower of Jesus, Jamie Kimmett travels the world sharing the Gospel in song and sermon to believers and non-believers alike. From songwriting in a council estate in Scotland to writing with ‘TOTO’ legend Steve Porcaro.

Is Jamie Laine’s ‘jumping over rocks’ a definitive record on her style?

Now, her place as an acclaimed singer-songwriter on her own seems fated, imbued with a singular blend of freshness and road-earned wisdom. “I consider ‘Jumping Over Rocks’ to be a definitive record on myself and my style,” Jamie says.

Who is Jamie Laine?

A soul filled storyteller and self taught guitarist – Jamie’s debut EP “Prize Worth Fighting For” released on Sony Music has racked up over 50 Million streams across major platforms.

What makes Jamie Oliver’s songs “moments” special?

“Maybe the moments are the ones happening in everyday farmers’ lives, or to a widow, or a son.” It’s her comfort in and commitment to two distinct worlds––that of the dream-chasing artists and the dirt-under-their-nails realists––that makes Jamie and her songs not just inviting, but cathartically important.