What happened to Monday ending explained?

What happened to Monday ending explained?

Monday was alive until she got shot during the press conference. Tuesday had her eye removed but is otherwise alive in custody. Sunday was killed by an agent in the apartment when the agents gained entry using Tuesday’s eye. Wednesday put up a hell of a fight but eventually is shot jumping between buildings.

What happened to Monday accent?

They live in an unnamed city, their grandfather has an American accent, they rarely ever go outside, and yet they all developed the same, Swedish accent.

What happened to the grandfather in Monday?

Their grandfather (played by Willem Dafoe) named them after their mother died during childbirth, deciding that he would raise them on his own while keeping their existence a secret from the rest of the world, especially the Child Allocation Bureau headed by Cayman (the Child Allocation Act came to be the same year the …

How many sisters died in what happened to Monday?

Karen dies. Terrence doesn’t announce the 7 siblings to the authorities. He names them each by one day of the week. He decides that all 7 of them will live in secrecy in a place that has hidden areas (which he builds).

Where does the movie What Happened to Monday take place?

Films shot in Bucharest. Overpopulation fiction. Films directed by Tommy Wirkola. Films set in 2073.

Who died in what happened to Monday?

Around 2043, overpopulation has caused a worldwide crisis, resulting in a strict one-child policy enforced by the Child Allocation Bureau. All but the eldest children are put into cryosleep. Electronic bracelets track all citizens. Karen Settman dies while giving birth to identical septuplet sisters.

What happened Monday cast?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Noomi Rapace The Settman Siblings
Glenn Close Nicolette Cayman
Willem Dafoe Terrence Settman
Marwan Kenzari Adrian Knowles