What happened to Christopher Maloney X Factor?

What happened to Christopher Maloney X Factor?

“I fell to the floor and started to shake and my throat started to close over and I went into anaphylactic shock then I passed out.” The singer said his life was saved by a fellow holidaymaker, who gave him mouth-to-mouth and heart compressions before he was rushed to hospital.

What place did Christopher Maloney get on X Factor?

Scouser Christopher brought fans to tears and the judges to their feet with his first audition for X Factor 2012 but only made it to the live shows as the ‘wild card’. The call-centre worker suffered with nerves throughout the series but improved as the weeks passed, eventually coming third.

How old is Chris Maloney?

44 years (December 26, 1977)Christopher Maloney / Age

Did Christopher Maloney win America’s got talent?

He made it through to Gary Barlow’s judges house, but failed to make the final three acts. However, Christopher was brought back as a wildcard, meaning he made the live finals. He finished third in the competition, with James Arthur taking the crown.

Does xfactor use autotune?

X Factor bosses have admitted using vocal enhancement processes on the ITV talent show. Fans had claimed after the opening show that “auto-tuning” had been used to improve some contestants’ voices. It is used in recording studios to improve performances by correcting pitch and disguising off-key mistakes.

What happens if you get 4 yeses on America’s got talent?

Four buzzes automatically ends the performance, or in the case of Judge Cuts, not only ends the performance but automatically eliminates the act from further competition.

Is Chris Maloney still singing?

Christopher Michael Maloney is an English singer and musician from Liverpool, who was first seen as a contestant on The X Factor in 2012….Christopher Maloney (English singer)

Chris Maloney
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2012–present
Labels Tristar
Associated acts The X Factor 2012 finalists