What happened to Austin Aries?

What happened to Austin Aries?

Former WWE Superstar Austin Aries has revealed his plans for the future and opened up on whether he will return to the wrestling scene. Aries has been away from the ring for quite some time, with his last singles match in November 2019. He opened up on a lot of topics, including a potential return to wrestling.

Who is Austin Aries wrestling for now?

On March 15, 2019, Aries returned to Warrior Wrestling at Warrior Wrestling 4 to face Eddie Edwards in a rematch. Following that match ending in a disqualification, a steel cage match was booked for Warrior Wrestling 5 between the two competitors.

How old is Austin Aries?

43 years (April 15, 1978)Austin Aries / Age

Why did Austin Aries leave impact?

Austin Aries left Impact Wrestling last year in controversial fashion at Bound for Glory and now he’s opened up about what went down. According to Aries, he was sent a 3-month contract extension after on the flight to New York for his title defense at Bound For Glory because his deal was expiring the next day.

How many matches did Austin Aries have in WWE?

Austin Aries

Name: Daniel Solwold Preferred Name: Austin Aries
Date Of Birth: Apr 15th 1978 Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Nationality: USA Gender: Male
Matches: 862 (96 Pay Per View)
Ring Name(s): Austin Aries, Austin Starr, Austin Williams, Fake Suicide, The Ninja

How tall is Austin Aries?

5′ 9″Austin Aries / Height

What wrestler is a Leo?

Léonce Cormier (born June 29, 1948) is a Canadian retired professional wrestler….

Leo Burke
Born June 29, 1948 Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada
Family Cormier
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Leo Burke Tommy Martin

Where is WWE Bobby Roode?

The borders between the United States and Canada have been closed to all non-essential travel for weeks now, and that includes Roode who still resides in Canada.

How many belts did Austin Aries have?

#5: Austin Aries Aries, seen here with the six different championship belts he held at the same time, which spanned five different promotions across Europe, North America, and Australasia. Much like Ultimo Dragon, Austin Aries didn’t just hold three championships at the same time, but much more than that.