What happened Imagination Technologies?

What happened Imagination Technologies?

On 22 June 2017, Imagination Technologies’ board of directors announced it was putting the entire company up for sale and, on 25 September 2017, they announced that the company was being acquired by Canyon Bridge, a private equity fund ultimately owned by the Chinese government.

Who bought Imagination Technologies?

Canyon Bridge
Canyon Bridge bought Imagination Technologies for £550 million in 2017 after Apple, its largest customer, threw its future into jeopardy. The iPhone maker said it would use its own designs to make graphics chips, sending the Imagination share price tumbling and leaving it vulnerable to a takeover.

Is Imagination Technologies a good company?

Imagination is a good company to work for. You get the chance to work on latest technologies. The management and company policies are very good. Also, the salary and benefits are good.

Why choose Imagination Technologies?

At Imagination Technologies, we apply world-renowned engineering expertise to solve today’s most pressing technology challenges; from smarter devices using artificial intelligence to greater insights through augmented reality. Create today what the world will enjoy tomorrow.

Does Intel own Imagination Technologies?

In October 2006, Intel Corporation acquired a 2.9% stake in Imagination Technologies for £5.28 million. On 24 November 2008, Imagination Technologies announced a license agreement it signed with a new partner, then undisclosed, for a high-performance version of its PowerVR SGX graphics processor chip: this was later revealed to be Apple Inc.

When did NEC become Imagination Technologies?

On 2 December 1997, NEC subscribed 2.3 million (1.5%) new shares at a price of 56.5p, taking its total stake to 3.5%. In 1999, the company refocused on intellectual property licensing generally and changed its name to Imagination Technologies.

Does Imagination Technologies own Toumaz?

On 3 January 2012, Imagination Technologies announced that it will invest totalling £5 million, in Toumaz Microsystems, a wireless intercom spinout of Toumaz Ltd., and will own 25% of the business. In June 2012, Imagination Technologies acquired Nethra Imaging, a semiconductor and systems company focused on delivering video and imaging solutions.