What happened at the Hawkesbury River?

What happened at the Hawkesbury River?

The Hawkesbury and Nepean Wars (1794–1816) were a series of conflicts where British forces, including armed settlers and detachments of the British Army in Australia, fought against Indigenous clans inhabiting the Hawkesbury River region and the surrounding areas to the west of Sydney.

How far is the Hawkesbury River navigable?

Just 40km from the Sydney CBD, the Hawkesbury is one of the biggest and best rivers in Australia to explore in your boat. Surrounded by at least seven national parks, the magnificent river is navigable for more than 54 nautical miles or 100km from its entrance in Broken Bay to the road bridge at Windsor.

Why does the Hawkesbury flood?

Most large floods in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley are caused by weather systems known as East Coast Lows. Floodwaters back up and rise rapidly, causing deep and widespread flooding across the floodplain. Much like a bathtub with five taps (the major tributaries) turned on, but only one plug hole to let the water out.

Is it safe to swim in the Hawkesbury?

Can I swim in the Hawkesbury River? Yes, of course. BUT ONLY IN THE BAYS WHERE THERE ARE MOORINGS – NEVER SWIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER AS THE TIDES ARE TOO STRONG!!! The Hawkesbury River is considered as one of the cleanest rivers in New South Wales.

What lives in the Hawkesbury River?

The Hawkesbury-Nepean River is also a flagship area with native and exotic birds. The river is home to a number of water birds such as ducks, river hens, pelicans, herons, ibises and spoonbills. There are also a variety of birds that live on the fringes of rivers like eagles, kookaburra, owl and frogmouth.

What are three things the Hawkesbury-Nepean flood risk Management Strategy aims to do?

Flood Strategy

  • Regional, coordinated flood risk management.
  • Warragamba Dam Raising Proposal.
  • Strategic and integrated land use and road planning.
  • Contemporary flood risk information.
  • An aware, prepared and responsive community.
  • Improved weather and flood predictions.
  • Best practice emergency response and recovery.

Will the Hawkesbury flood again?

There hasn’t been a major flood on the Hawkesbury-Nepean for more than 30 years, with the last comparable one occurring in 1990. Large, frequent floods can be expected to occur again within 10 or 20 years if — as expected — the historical pattern of rainfall and flooding repeats itself.

Are there sharks in Hawkesbury?

There has never been a reported shark attack on the River but it is said that many have gone missing.

Is there bull sharks in Hawkesbury River?

Bull Sharks unlike many other sharks can tolerate freshwater and thats often why they are seen well upstream like in the hawkesbury.

Why did the Hawkesbury flood?

Downstream of Sackville, the Hawkesbury-Nepean River flows through sandstone gorges and narrows in width. This creates a pinch-point that partially blocks the river channel. Just as a bath plug sitting half-way over a plughole slows an emptying bath, the Sackville pinch-point causes the bathtub to fill during floods.