What genre is Belva Plain?

What genre is Belva Plain?

Belva Plain was one of the noteworthy authors of America who was well known for her novels based on the historical, women’s fiction, and family saga genres.

Is Belva Plain still living?

Deceased (1915–2010)Belva Plain / Living or Deceased

How old was Belva Plain when Evergreen was published?

12, at her home in Short Hills, N.J. The wife of an ophthalmologist and mother of three, Plain was more than 60 years old when she published hr first novel “Evergreen” in 1978.

Who wrote evergreen the novel?

Belva PlainEvergreen / Author

Who wrote the book Evergreen?

Is evergreen Belva Plain’s first novel?

I read Belva Plain books that my grandma would lend me, so I thought I would go back to the beginning to Plain’s first novel: Evergreen. I cannot believe this was her first novel because it is so well thought out and I’ve seen no cliches often seen in novice writers.

Is Belva Plain a good author?

Belva Plain has been one of my favorite authors since my teenage years. After reading this book again…I remembered why Belva Plain is one of my favorite authors. I HAD to get her ENTIRE collection, and read them all again, start to finish. This one starts Anna’s life/journey. Her parents migrate to the USA for a better life.

Where can I find the Evergreen book?

Evergreen: A Novel (Werner Family Saga) Evergreen: A Novel (Werner Family Saga): Belva Plain: 9780440132783: Amazon.com: Books Skip to main content .us Hello Select your address Books

What is the theme of Evergreen by Anna Friedman?

EVERGREEN is a modern classic saga of the courageous immigrants who faced gigantic odds and came to America. Anna Friedman transfixes us with her passion, determination and passion. She and her family survive war, tragedy, secrets and forbidden love, bittersweet and evergreen.