What fish are compatible with firefish?

What fish are compatible with firefish?

Potential tankmates may include two gobies of the same species, clownfish, or shrimp gobies. Slow-moving, timid tankmates are recommended. Gobies are easily eaten by triggers, lionfish, and large angelfish.

How big do Purple Firefish get?

Purple Firefish Facts & Overview

Category Rating
Size: Up to 4 inches
Diet: Mostly carnivorous
Family: Gobiidae
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

How long does a firefish live?

Be careful, Firefish like to jump The most important advice is to make sure you have a tight-fitting lid on your aquarium or netting around the edges because while the fire goby has a life expectancy of about 3 years, most are cut way short because they have a bad habit of jumping out of tanks.

How big do firefish get?

Firefish Goby: Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates, Breeding & Diet

Common Name(s) Firefish Goby
Temperature 72-80°F (22-27°C)
Size 2-3.5 inches (5-9 cm)
Minimum Tank Size 20 gallons (91 liters)
Food & Diet Omnivorous diet

Do firefish bury themselves?

Fish Focus: Torpedo Goby They are incredibly nervous fish, and will not suit an aquarium that has lots of people passing it or looking at it all day. While there are people or boisterous fish around, these gobies will go into hiding. They hide in holes in the rockwork, but will also bury themselves…

Are Purple Firefish aggressive?

Purple firefish are aggressive towards conspecifics (same species) and similar fish, so it is best to keep one per tank. They are generally peaceful and timid fish, best kept with other mild-mannered tank mates.

How much is a purple firefish?

Item # Description Price
002022 Purple Firefish, Small: up to 1.5″, Maldives $39.99
002028 Purple Firefish, Medium: over 1.5-2.5″, Maldives $49.99
002034 Purple Firefish, Large: over 2.5-3.5″, Maldives $59.99

How often should I feed firefish?

Firefish should typically be fed twice a day.

Are firefish poisonous?

The lionfish, also known as the devil firefish, is carnivorous and poisonous, and can kill and eat a large number of native fish in the rocky areas of the Mediterranean Sea. It also endangers people: Its poisonous spikes cause pain, swelling, inflammation and blisters if they puncture the skin.

Are firefish schooling fish?

Firefish are found in pairs in the wild. Aggression does happen when there are small groups in a single tank, so if you want more than one, look for two that will tolerate each other. Better yet, look for a known pair. they do not school.

How big does a royal gramma get?

The royal gramma is relatively small, averaging slightly over 8 cm (3 inches) and has been tank bred. The largest royal gramma was measured at 8 cm (3.1 in).

What do you feed Purple Firefish?

The Purple Firefish will feed mostly on prey suspended in the water column, but will pick food off the substrate. Its varied diet should consist of chopped or shaved seafood, frozen food preparations for carnivores, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp.

How do you keep a firefish alive in a saltwater tank?

Try using a sand substrate in your tank that is deep enough for this fish to burrow into. Depending on how you have designed and aquascaped or decorated your saltwater aquarium, a simple short section of PVC pipe is a great spot for the fire goby to hide. Are Firefish reef safe?

How big is the Salt Lake City Aquarium?

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Can a firefish live in a 10 gallon tank?

So long as there are no predators to eat them, these small fish can he kept in any aquarium that is ten gallons or larger. The firefish is aesthetically pleasing, easy to keep, and can be obtained for a very reasonable price. I ALWAYS keep one or more of these in my tanks.

Can I keep a fire goby in my saltwater aquarium?

I’ve never observed it in the wild, but it sure is fun to watch in your tank. Caring for the fire goby in your saltwater aquarium is going to be fairly straightforward, by traditional reef aquarium standards. Since this is a small saltwater aquarium fish, it doesn’t require a large tank.