What does ZR+ mean?

What does ZR+ mean?

The generic term ZR+ means different things to different people, so learn about the wide range of different solutions it encompasses, the industry standards and MSAs driving their development, and additional coherent pluggable capabilities addressing even higher performance. What is 400ZR?

What is Zr+ (beyond 400ZR)?

Beyond 400ZR, referred to as “ZR+”, are a range of coherent pluggable solutions—with line capacities up to 400 Gb/s and reaches well beyond the 80km specification for 400ZR that will support a number of application requirements.

What is the ZR in the 10G SFP+ ZR optical module?

The ZR in the 10G SFP+ ZR optical module model refers to the longest distance (Ze best Range). It can be seen that the transmission distance of this optical module is very far. The maximum transmission distance when using the single mode fiber with the wavelength of 1550nm can be used. Up to 80km, this kind of optical module is widely used.