What does Valvestate amp mean?

What does Valvestate amp mean?

The Valvestate technique was to put a single 12AX7 valve into the pre-amp section of the amplifier while retaining the solid-state technology in the rest of the amp. This in effect created a hybrid, valve-state amplifier that delivered traditional Marshall tone in a more robust format.

What valves do Marshall amps use?

EL34. Still used in many amps that Marshall produces today, the EL34 is a Marshall favourite, when creating the first Marshall amplifiers these were used in the place of the 6L6. The EL34 is a pentode, and the extra element (suppressor) reduces any losses in the valve.

Does Marshall make solid-state amps?

Whether you’re honing your craft privately at home or hitting the biggest stages in town, Marshall has a solid-state combo guitar amplifier for everyone, from 10-watt practice amps to 100-watt workhorses.

Is the Marshall ValveState a good amp?

It’s probably one of the best solid state amps out there, it actually sounds pretty good at gig volumes. It’s probably one of the best solid state amps out there, it actually sounds pretty good at gig volumes. Especially the older models (8100, 8040.).

Is the Marshall ValveState a tube amp?

Yup, that’s what a Valvestate is…tube preamp and solid state power amp. They are made to get distortion through the preamp tubes.

What makes Marshall amps so good?

Because they were so reliable, and because they made the sound that guitarists were demanding, Marshalls quickly became a standard, especially when paired with the Les Paul guitar whose humbuckers gave additional power for even more overdrive, and benefited strongly from the Marshall treble gain.

Are Valvestate amps any good?

Is the Marshall Valvestate a tube amp?

Is Marshall ValveState a good amp?

How does the Valvestate vs30r unregistered compare to its predecessor?

Maybe a Vox AC4 or a Fender Ramparte – something which is completely valve-driven. Valvestate VS30R Unregistered It compares very favorably with its predecessor, the Peavey Envoy, which, in addition to being noisy, had fiddly little knobs…

What kind of AMP is the Valvestate?

The amp is replacing a Peavey Envoy that is getting old and noisy. The name “Valvestate” implies that it is a valve / solid state hybrid but in fact only the 65 and 100 watt models in this series are hybrids, the 15 and 30 watt models are totally solid state.

How many watts is a Marshall Celestion AMP?

Reliability & Durability: 8.7 Solid state amplifier/speaker combo that emulates the sound of a valve-driven amp. 30 watts with a 10″ Marshall (Celestion) speaker. The amp has two channels, clean and overdrive.

What do you think about Marshall amps?

I appreciate that Marshall amps are primarily aimed at rock players, and I think most rock players would be happy with the sounds if they compared this objectively against other amps of similar wattage and spec. I really like this amp.