What does tribes mean on Grindr?

What does tribes mean on Grindr?

On September 30, 2013, Grindr introduced Grindr Tribes, allowing users to identify themselves with a niche group and filter their searches to better find their type.

What is a geek tribe?

“A Tribe Called Geek” is a radio show turned internet hub for Indigenous peoples to come together and geek out over essentially anything. “[Indige-nerds] are cosplayers, larpers, whovians, potterheads, twihards, Star Wars geeks, and trekkies or trekkers as some prefer to be called.

What does being an otter mean?

Otter: “A guy who has the facial hair of the bear, but is slighter in build.” Chaser: “Someone who is attracted to bears but isn’t a part of the culture.”

What is sober Grindr?

Hell, our community is so alcohol-absorbent that Grindr has added “sober” to its list of tribes. Dealing with coming out and homophobia, especially in the age of AIDS and brutal bashings, brought the community closer together, but it also made alcohol into a kind of medication.

What’s a cub in slang?

A younger (or younger looking) version of a bear is called a cub. Cubs are often younger or less mature or masculine-looking. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship.

How can you tell the difference between a male and a female otter?

Otters often defecate and urinate simultaneously, with scats having a semi liquid consistency. We found that males can be told apart from females by the greater distance between the sources of the urine and faecal streams, that is, the genital and anal openings.

What is CUBZ?

1a : a young carnivorous mammal (such as a bear, fox, or lion) b : a young shark. 2 : a young person. 3 : apprentice especially : an inexperienced newspaper reporter. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cub.

What are Cubs Cougars?

A “cougar” is a term used to describe an older woman who focuses her attention on a younger man, otherwise known as a “cub”. The concept of someone who dates much younger men has certain cultural stereotypes – often pegged as weird or desperate.

Are sea otters mean?

Sea otter males can be just plain mean. When it comes to mating, male sea otters are aggressive. Not only are they mean to female sea otters and pups, but they’re also flat out lethal to other species.

Why are people discreet on Grindr?

Discreet is a code word that they are on Grindr for secret meet ups and they are not publicly out or they have a reason not to want to be found out.