What does the White Horse prophecy say?

What does the White Horse prophecy say?

The White Horse Prophecy says “Latter-day Saint elders will preserve the US Constitution as it hangs by a thread,” according to Brigham Young University. As soon as Romney announced his plans to vote to remove the president, people began asking if the Utah Republican was fulfilling those words.

Why is Romney a Mormon?

Romney’s father, George W. Romney, was a patriarch in the LDS Church. Romney’s wife, Ann, converted to Mormonism before they were married in 1969. Romney has expressed his faith in Jesus Christ as his “Lord and Savior” openly to evangelical Christian groups.

What does the Book of Mormon say about the United States?

And this is true. The Book of Mormon, quoting Jesus as he spoke here in America, reads: “This land shall be a land of liberty … and there shall be no kings upon [it]. … More than two thousand years before his birth in the flesh, Jesus Christ led a small colony of people from Asia to America.

What do Mormons believe about the Constitution?

The LDS Church recognizes the necessity of government for holding people accountable for their actions and promoting the good and safety of society. The twelfth Article of Faith affirms the duty of citizens to obey the rule of law. Indeed, Mormons believe that God had a hand in the development of the U.S. Constitution.

Who is president of Mormon church?

Russell M. Nelson
Russell M. Nelson, speaking at a funeral last October, has been named leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as the Mormon church, has named 93-year-old Russell M. Nelson as its new president.

Where is the promised land in the Book of Mormon?

According to the church-approved Encyclopedia of Mormonism, “Zion” is synonymous with the Promised Land. It is interesting therefore to note that Joseph Smith claimed that Zion constituted North and South American as well as anywhere the righteous Saints gather.

What was God’s promise to us?

God has given us His great and precious promises to give us hope, joy, peace, wisdom and strength for whatever we are facing in our day.

Do Mormons believe the Constitution is divine?

Along with many religious people, Latter-day Saints affirm that God gave the power to the people, and the people consented to a constitution that delegated certain powers to the government. Sovereignty is not inherent in a state or nation just because it has the power that comes from force of arms.

Do Mormons believe the Constitution is divinely inspired?

All of his successors as President of the Church have reaffirmed the doctrine of an inspired Constitution. For a Mormon Elder’s view of the divinely inspired Constitution, check out this interesting article.