What does the skewing mean?

What does the skewing mean?

to cause something to be not straight or exact; to twist or distort: These last-minute changes have skewed the company’s results. Bending, twisting and curving.

What does it mean to be skewed toward?

​skewed (towards somebody/something) directed towards a particular group, place, etc. in a way that may not be accurate or fair. The book is heavily skewed towards American readers.

What is skewing in electrical engineering?

What is Skewing of Rotor? In the induction motor rotor, the slots for the placement of conductors are not made exactly in parallel with the rotor shaft. A slight angle is maintained that means the rotor slots are made in some angle with the rotor shaft. This is called Skewing of the rotor or Skewed Rotor.

What skewing makes pictures appear?

Answer: The answer of your question is twisted.

What is skewing in induction motor?

What is another word for skewed?

What is another word for skewed?

askew aslant
canted leaning
squint inclined
unsymmetrical angled
slant skew

Why skewing is used in induction motor?

Since the skewed rotor slot is not parallel to the start slot in an induction motor, there is more leakage reactance. The skewing of the rotor reduces the tooth harmonics, and thus prevents the crawling effect. Reduces Magnetic Hum: The skewing helps in reducing the magnetic hum, and the motor runs quieter.

How does skewing reduce harmonics?

The skew factor indicates the reduction of the electromagnetic coupling. For the harmonics, the electromagnetic coupling is reduced as the order of the harmonic is increased. In some cases, the effect of the harmonics is canceled.

What will happen to the picture if you skew it?

“Resize and Skew option in paint is used to expand or decrease the size of the image. It can resize the image both horizontal and vertical.

Why do we use the Skew command?

Explanation: Both the skew and resize commands are used to change the size of a picture. Explanation: Microsoft Paint provides one with the ability to resize a picture vertically, horizontally, or both. The Stretch or Skew command in Microsoft Paint uses percentage parameters to resize an image.

What are the advantages of skewing?

The advantages of skewing of cage rotor conductors are: It helps in reducing noise during the operation and production of uniform torque. During locking, the rotor and stator teeth attract each other due to the magnetic field and this locking tendency is reduced in cage motor.