What does SPECI mean on METAR?

What does SPECI mean on METAR?

A SPECI is a special report of meteorological conditions, issued when one or more elements meet specified criteria significant to aviation. SPECI is also used to identify reports of observations recorded ten minutes following an improvement (in visibility, weather or cloud) to above SPECI conditions.

What does SPECI stand for?

Aviation Selected Special Weather Report
SPECI is merely the code name given to METAR formatted products which are issued on a special non-routine basis as dictated by changing meteorological conditions. The SPECI acronym roughly translates as Aviation Selected Special Weather Report.

What is a SPECI in aviation?

An Aviation Selected Special Weather Report (SPECI) is an unscheduled report taken when there is a significant change in the weather during the period between the hourly reports.

When was SPECI issued?

When is a SPECI issued? A SPECI is issued when there has been a significant change from the METAR occurs. Significant changes include changes to wind direction, visibility, weather phenomena, ceiling, an aircraft mishap has occurred or there is safety critical meteorological situation.

What does CIG mean in a METAR?

CHINO. sky condition at secondary location not available. CIG. ceiling.

What is Sigmet aviation?

SIGMET Definition. • SIGMET information. Information issued by a meteorological watch office concerning the occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of aircraft operations.

How often are SPECI issued?

Reports are generated once an hour or half-hour at most stations, but if conditions change significantly at a staffed location, a report known as a special (SPECI) may be issued. There are stations that make regular reports more often. (Such as KPLU which reports 3 per hour.)

How often are TAFs issued?

four times a day
TAFs are prepared four times a day and are issued at 2340, 0540, 1140, and 1740 UTC.

What is RMK in TAF?

RMK – Remarks. RWY – Runway. RVRNO – Runway Visual Range not available. SFC VIS – Surface Visibility. SLP – Sea Level Pressure, add 10 to numbers given.

What is a Virga definition?

Definition of virga : wisps of precipitation evaporating before reaching the ground.