What does shipment misrouted mean?

What does shipment misrouted mean?

A “Misrouted” parcel means that parcels are delayed. Below is an example of a message you might see when tracking a misrouted parcel. “A PROCESSING ERROR AT DESTINATION CAUSED THIS DELAY; THE PACKAGE WAS MISROUTED AT THE HUB. IT HAS BEEN REROUTED TO THE CORRECT DESTINATION SITE.”

What does shipment with concern mean?

Related Definitions shipping concern means any concern engaged in the business of shipping, owned, controlled or managed by a shipowner.

How many days will it take for LBC package to arrive?

For domestic packages, please expect your delivery to arrive between 24-48 hours. International packages may take 3 to 5 business days to arrive.

What means Misroute?

Definition of misroute transitive verb. : to send (something) to an incorrect destination or by an incorrect route : to route (something) incorrectly Having dispatch centers in such close proximity means some calls are misrouted to the wrong dispatch center …—

What does misrouted to incorrect Depot mean?

Misrouted at depot – your parcel has been sent to an incorrect depot and is being re-routed. Not delivered due to address query – the courier has had a problem delivering your parcel, so you’ll need to contact them.

How do I contact LBC?

(800) 338-5424LBC Express / Customer service

What is misrouted in Tagalog?

naging. Last Update: 2020-09-08.

What is Misroute in professional courier?

Misrouted package due to incorrect or incomplete address The delivery address has to be clear and complete. If you are running a business and have to deliver packages to your customers, make sure you double-check the shipping address the customer has provided you.

Why choose LBC Express for land freight?

Ship your cargo with confidence and peace of mind with LBC Express’ land freight services. Our superior land freight services make it easy for you to track and trace your cargo, no matter where it is, whenever you want, for stress-free and reliable shipping.

Why choose LBC for sea cargo solutions?

With LBC’s sea cargo solutions, you no longer have to. Sea cargo solutions allow you to ship home heavy and bulky items, no matter the size or weight. From the latest TVs, gadgets, home appliances, medicine, and even pantry staples for your family, everything can be safely and securely sent home within your budget.

What happens if your freight is misrouted?

This can lead to a bad reputation in your industry and a loss of business. Worse still, the customer will not blame the freight company, but your company for the misrouted parcel. At the end of the day you end up losing a loyal customer because of the oversight of one person in the shipping process.

Does LBC provide insurance for my air cargo?

LBC provides insurance for items shipped through our air cargo services. Insurance coverage must match the declared value of the shipment. Maximum insurance of $3,000 per shipment is available. LBC provides automatic insurance coverage per shipment at no additional charge. Additional coverage may be purchased at $5 per $100.