What does Pueraria mirifica do to females?

What does Pueraria mirifica do to females?

May Support Vaginal Health Pueraria mirifica may be an effective topical therapy for promoting the health of vaginal tissue and treating vaginal dryness. One 28-day study in postmenopausal monkeys evaluated the effectiveness of a gel containing 1% Kwao Krua on vaginal tissue.

Does Pueraria mirifica cause hair loss?

Because of its phytoestrogens, studies have shown the link between Pueraria mirifica hair loss in achieving health benefits. However, Pueraria mirifica is stypically marketed as hair loss and breast enhancement supplement which is not known to many.

Does Pueraria mirifica do anything?

There are plenty of health benefits in Pueraria mirifica for men. The phytoestrogens in this plant may help in preventing bone loss, promoting heart health, inhibiting cancer cells, improving antioxidant levels, and supporting brain health.

Does Pueraria mirifica cause weight loss?

The daily intake of Pueraria Mirifica Powder can also stimulate the fat burning process and reduce the appetite resulting in natural weight loss. Many types of research also suggest that the consumption of this plant’s products can help increase memory by supporting brain functions.

How long should I take Pueraria mirifica?

Treatment using phytoestrogens, like those from pueraria mirifica, may last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. Note that there are manufacturers that package their Kwao Krua supplements in 250 mg up to 500 mg capsule forms.

Does Pueraria mirifica help hair growth?

Basically, Pueraria mirifica eliminates clogged hair follicles, balances the hormones, boosts blood flow, helps hair grow healthy, and nourishes the scalp and hair follicles to prevent hair loss. Pueraria promotes healthy heart by improving blood circulation throughout the body while maintaining hair health.

Should I take saw palmetto with Pueraria?

For an added boost, most transgender women swear by the effects of Pueraria mirifica when taken with saw palmetto—an anti-androgen supplement. If you plan on taking the two together, a good starting point would be to take 1600 mg of saw palmetto with 500 mg of Pueraria mirifica daily.

What is Pueraria mirifica plus?

Pueraria Mirifica Plus is a product manufactured by AmataLife Company. This manufacturer claims that Pueraria Mirifica Plus will support better sleep patterns, reduce hot flashes and promote women’s vitality. They claim that this supplement is safe, healthy and clean of any substances that pose danger to human after use.

Does Pueraria mirifica increase type I collagen expression in primary baboon osteoblasts?

Pueraria mirifica extract and puerarin enhance proliferation and expression of alkaline phosphatase and type I collagen in primary baboon osteoblasts. Phytomedicine. 2014;21 (12):1498-503. doi:10.1016/j.phymed.2014.06.019

What is Pueraria mirifica (Thai kudzu)?

The roots of the plant have been found to contain compounds thought to act as phytoestrogens (plant compounds that can have estrogen-like effects in the body). Also known as kwao krua or “Thai kudzu”, Pueraria mirifica is sometimes used as a natural remedy for symptoms experienced by women during menopause such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Can Pueraria mirifica help women overcome menopause?

This transformative life stage is not a burden to be endured or a disease to be treated, but an opportunity for women to flourish. For more than 700 years, women in Southeast Asia have used the root of the Pueraria mirifica plant to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and restore their youthful vitality.