What does pounamu symbolize?

What does pounamu symbolize?

Treasured, valuable and with spiritual significance, pounamu – New Zealand’s highly prized stone – has been used by Māori to denote status and authority, for adornment, and for making peace.

What do Maori symbols represent?

Māori symbols feature spirals, curves, natural images and supernatural deities. The koru, which represents the silver fern native to New Zealand, is a recurring motif in wood carving and larger artworks. Each symbols conveys meaning, and often relates to the relationship of man to nature, or to ancestry.

What does a teardrop pounamu mean?

Meaning tears of sadness or grief, these are named for their teardrop shape, and are widely regarded as touchstones in healing and meditation. Roimata carvings are also believed to hold strong connections to the land.

What does a twist pounamu mean?

The twist or pikorua is a contemporary design. The new age understanding is that it connects the spirits of friends, family and lovers, bringing them closer together across space and time. It’s said to represent two people’s life path.

Does greenstone need to be blessed?

Its customary to bless a Pounamu before wearing it! Greenstone is held in high regard as a taonga (treasure) within Maori culture. This is why pounamu carvings are considered a special and significant family heirloom.

What does fish hook pounamu mean?

Maori legend is embodied in this design, with the belief that New Zealand was once a large fish pulled from the ocean floor by Maui with a fish hook made from his grandmothers jaw bone. Wearing one is said to symbolise a connection to the sea, granting strength, good luck and safe travels over water.

What is the meaning behind Kowhaiwhai patterns?

Kowhai Ngutukākā: The kowhai ngutukākā can be found in a kowhaiwhai pattern. It represents the flowers of the kākā beak plant. Rauru: This shape is the spiral and it shares a similar meaning to a koru representing new life, growth, strength and peace.

What does a Maori necklace mean?

The Maori tiki symbolizes fertility and childbirth. The frequently occurring hands placed on the loins are said to illustrate this meaning. As a necklace it is used as a good luck charm. A protector against evil spirits. Above all the Maori tiki is also a symbol of commemoration of ancestors.

What does a Maori Toki Symbolise?

The Toki (Adze) is a symbol of strength, determination, and courage in times of adversity. The shape represents a tool often used by Maori for carving, shaping, and weaponry and was originally used for practical purposes.

What do Maori necklaces mean?

How do you wear pounamu?

Wear your Pounamu against your skin as often as possible. It will naturally absorb oils from your skin that will help maintain its polish and it will become a holder of your wairua. Your taonga can be oiled with any natural household oils or fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil or tallow.