What does Pollenless mean?

What does Pollenless mean?

The name is self-explanatory; pollenless sunflowers are sunflowers that are sterile males and do not produce pollen. In the wild, sunflowers without pollen would be a tragedy, but for the sake of brides everywhere, pollenless sunflowers for cutting are a boon that almost didn’t come into being.

What kind of sunflowers are there?

Sunflower Varieties – Other Species

  • Helianthus schweinitzii “Schweinitz’s Sunflowers“
  • Helianthus giganteus “Giant Sunflowers“
  • Helianthus maximiliani “Maximilian Sunflower“
  • Helianthus argophyllus “Silverleaf Sunflower“
  • Helianthus gracilentus “Slender Sunflower“
  • Helianthus laciniatus “Alkali Sunflower“

Are there red sunflowers?

As one of the darkest sunflowers, Chianti sunflowers are known for their deep red wine colored petals. They grow to about 4 to 6 feet tall, produce multiple flowers per stem, and are pollen-free.

What is the biggest sunflower variety?

Titan Sunflower (H. annuus) One of the tallest-growing, biggest-headed, and largest-seeded varieties available to gardeners. This is the one for impressing your neighbors and winning awards at county fairs. Grow your own backyard giant this year—plants can grow 12′ tall with large yellow heads reaching 18-24″ across!

What is the fastest blooming sunflower?

Mammoth Sunflower
The fastest and biggest I can think of is the Mammoth Sunflower. We usually carry seeds in the spring time.

What are ProCut sunflowers?

ProCut Plum Sunflower is a bicolor sunflower with plum to cream colored petals and a dark center disk. ProCut sunflowers are the preferred sunflower variety for cut flower farmers and home gardeners. 6-7′ tall plants with pollenless flowers.

What is the rarest sunflower?

Schweinitz’s sunflower
Its common name is Schweinitz’s sunflower. It is a member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). It is one of the rarest species of sunflower in the United States….

Helianthus schweinitzii
Species: H. schweinitzii
Binomial name
Helianthus schweinitzii Torr. & A.Gray

What are the easiest sunflowers to grow?

  1. ‘Pacino’ sunflower. This sunflower mix stays small — just 12 to 16 inches tall when grown in a pot, a little taller in the garden.
  2. ‘Ballad’ sunflower.
  3. ‘Double Dandy’ sunflower.
  4. ‘Red Courtesan’ sunflower.
  5. ‘Honey Bear’ sunflower.
  6. ‘Magic Roundabout’ sunflower.
  7. ‘Mammoth Gray Stripe’ sunflower.

Is there a pink sunflower?

Sunflower ‘Strawberry Blonde’ ‘Strawberry Blonde’ is said to be the first rose-pink sunflower, with petals brushed with lemon-yellow and a dark “eye.” The plants branch nicely, so they’re good for cutting, and the flowers are pollen-free, so they won’t stain your skin or furnishings.

Are there short sunflowers?

Sunflower ‘Elf’ Said to be the shortest sunflower ever, ‘Elf’ blooms for a long period of time, bearing bright gold, 4-inch blooms atop 16-inch stems. Try them for a children’s garden or a low border. They’ll attract lots of butterflies to your garden.

What is the hardiest sunflower?

Most are hardy in USDA zones 4 to 9. One of the most popular perennial sunflowers is ‘Maximillian’. This sunflower grows up to 8 feet tall, depending on the soil and water conditions, producing small, yellow sunflowers from late summer until frost.