What does PAT Stand for testing?

What does PAT Stand for testing?

Progressive Achievement Tests
Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT)

What is a PAT test NZ?

The Progressive Achievement Tests (PATs) assess students’ Mathematics, Listening Comprehension, Punctuation and Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Vocabulary. PATs are a series of standardised tests developed specifically for use in New Zealand schools.

How do I enter data on Nzcer assist?

However, you can use your existing NZCER Marking credentials to access historical data and reports in NZCER Marking until your historic data has been brought across into the Assist site. Enter www.nzcerassist.org.nz on your browser. Click on Sign Up Now. Fill out the form by entering your details to register.

What is Nzcer assist?

NZCER Assist is our new online platform that replaces the NZCER Marking site. IMPORTANT: The NZCER Marking site will continue to be available so schools can access historic data and reporting. The site will be ‘read only’ which means no new assessments or surveys can be created and sat on the Marking site.

What is a good PAT score?

Scores on the PAT scale (see section on scales) at each level are divided into nine stanines, one being the lowest performance and nine being the highest. The average stanine is around five.

What items need PAT testing?

What requires PAT testing? Portable appliances that may require PAT testing include any equipment that can connect to a fixed installation or generator. This includes appliances that connect using a cable, socket, or plug. Any electrical appliances or equipment that is portable qualifies for PAT testing.

Are PAT tests mandatory?

There is currently no legal requirement to PAT test but employers are legally required to create a safe working environment and PAT testing is a great risk management strategy.

What is a good PAT score Oxford?

The PAT is marked out of 100, and when you collate the scores on the PAT with admission rates, well, the numbers speak for themselves: If you score above 90, well, (a) you are a genius, but (b) you are pretty much guaranteed to get in. Above 80, you have a better than 80% chance.

What items do not need PAT testing?

Equipment that should be tested include items such as electric drills, PCs, monitors, printers, kettles and larger pieces of equipment such as photocopiers and vending machines. Any cordless power tool would not need to be PAT tested.

Does 110V need PAT testing?

We would normally recommend a machine with a dedicated 110V socket if you have more than 20 (approx.) 110V appliances to test. Examples of PAT Testing Machines without a dedicated 110V socket – can be used for testing 110V appliances using a PTA3 adaptor.

Does a fridge need PAT testing?

For landlords, it’s good practice to have all your appliances PAT tested before a new tenant moves in. After this, smaller appliances should be tested every two years and larger items like fridges and washing machines should be tested in four-year intervals.