What does no past no future mean?

What does no past no future mean?

“Without the past, there is no future.” The origin of this phrase remains a mystery, but the message is clear―understanding where we are going comes from knowing where we’ve been. Technology has changed how we go about discovering our family’s history and reconnecting with our past.

When there is no past there is no future?

I live this moment as my last. There’s only us.

What does no present no future mean?

You ask the meaning of the statement, “There is no past, no future; there is only the now.” This sentence is the result of a philosophy which has its roots in Buddhism. Supposedly we’re supposed to dwell completely on the present, since the past is gone and the future yet to come.

Why is there no present?

The time before T, which is called past, has passed and there’s no means to access, alter or live in it. Because if we somehow access it or start living in it, it becomes the present. Hence, the past ceases to exist. Our past was future once, thus non-existent.

Who said a generation which ignores history has no past and no future?

Robert A Heinlein
A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future. — Robert A Heinlein.

Why can there be no future without the memory of the past?

The proverb says : «There is no Future without Past». It means that past events determine us, give knowledge, teach us according to examples from the history. It doesn`t mean that we need to look into the book of history every time we have to make a decision.

Who said without the past there is no future?

Siri Hustvedt
Quote by Siri Hustvedt: “There is no future without a past, because what…”

What to do if you have no future?

These 10 steps will inspire you and give you the boost of hope that you need to keep going when you’re feeling hopeless about the future.

  1. Take a Step Back.
  2. Revisit Your Vision and Goals.
  3. Manage Your Expectations.
  4. Have a Contingency Plan.
  5. Find Sources of Positive Reinforcement.
  6. Have a Strong Circle of Support.

Who said Without history there is no future?

What is the meaning of We are not makers of history we are made by history?

King is saying that people are shaped by the world around them. We are who we are because of the history we’ve lived. He’s telling them they need to rise up and make history. Don’t let the rest of the world decide how you’re gonna live your life.