What does lenited mean in Irish?

What does lenited mean in Irish?

An important and frequent feature in Irish grammar is the concept of lenition. Basically, when an initial consonant is lenited (or softened) it changes the way that consonant is sounded and how the beginning of the word is spelt. You lenite or soften the sound of a consonant in Irish by normally placing a ‘h’ after it.

What is lenition example?

In linguistics, lenition is a sound change that alters consonants, making them more sonorous. An example of synchronic lenition is found in most varieties of American English, in the form of flapping: the /t/ of a word like wait [weɪt] is pronounced as the more sonorous [ɾ] in the related form waiting [ˈweɪɾɪŋ].

What gets a Seimhiu?

Mutations (séimhiú agus urú)

  • when a word comes after a preposition, like ar bhus or i gContae Lú
  • when a word comes after a number or a counter, like dhá mhadadh or seacht dtábla.
  • when a word comes after mo , do , a , ár or bhur to show possession, like mo mhála or ár gcat.

What letters aspirate in Irish?

The H is used to denote a special effect called lenition — which is really a fancy way of talking about aspiration of consonants. The H is used in modern Irish spelling — in older Irish (called Ogham script), the same effect was noted by putting a dot over the letter.

What is lenition in Gaelic?

From Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki. Lenition is an initial consonant mutation which “weakens” (cf. Latin lenis ‘weak’) the sound of the consonant at the beginning of a word. It is used to mark certain morphological contrasts and to mark inflection.

What is a Seimhiu in Irish?

The Irish for “your” is do. The Irish for “his” and “hers” is a. The only way you can tell if it’s his thing or hers is to look for the séimhiú. If it has a séimhiú it’s his; if it doesn’t have a séimhiú, it’s hers.

Which languages have lenition?

6.1 The most important consonant change in Welsh is “lenition”. It is often called the”soft mutation”. Lenition is a pronunciation phenomenon which is widespread in Western European languages, but in Welsh (and in Celtic generally) it has a special importance because it is not merely a change of pronunciation.

What is a lenited consonant?

The effect of making consonants more vowel-like is that they reduce the amount of breaks within a sentence. A consonant that has been through the process of lenition is called a lenited consonant. The opposite of making a consonant more sonorous is called fortition.

What causes lenition?

Originally these mutations were phonologically governed external sandhi effects: lenition was caused by a consonant being between two vowels, and eclipsis when a nasal preceded an obstruent, including at the beginning of a word. There are also two mutations, t-prothesis and h-prothesis, found on vowel-initial words.

Is aspiration a lenition?

In traditional Gaelic grammar aspiration is refers to the phenomenon of lenition. The initial consonant mutation, indicated orthographically by writing an after the letter, but not actually involving the phonetic phenomenon of aspiration will only be called lenition.

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