What does Jeff Kent do now?

What does Jeff Kent do now?

Jeff Kent joined the MLB in 1992 and retired after the 2008 season. Kent moved to Houston to join the Astros the following season. Kent played six more seasons split between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He retired in Southern California in 2009.

How much did Jeff Kent make playing baseball?

Earnings w/ San Francisco Giants

Player Earnings Total
18 Jeff Kent 2nd Base 1989: R20, #521 $89,176,498
19 Sergio Romo Relief Pitcher 2005: R28, #852 $37,852,459
20 Jake Peavy Relief Pitcher 1999: R15, #472 $131,605,000
21 Freddy Sanchez 2nd Base 0: Undrafted $32,417,000

How old is Jeff Kent?

53 years (March 7, 1968)Jeff Kent / Age

How old was Jeff Kent when he retired?

Kent was also no slouch after departing in free agency at age 34, posting an OPS of at least . 860 in each of his next five seasons for Houston and Los Angeles. He hit a walk-off, three-run home run in Game 5 of the 2004 NLCS for the Astros against St. Louis before the Astros lost the two ensuing contests.

What is John Rocker doing now?

In 2011, he released an autobiography called Scars and Strikes. Rocker has dabbled in acting with minor parts through the years. In 2014, he appeared on the reality television show Survivor; he finished in a disappointing 16th place. Since 2012, he is a writer for WorldNetDaily.

Does John Rocker have a girlfriend?

In August 2014 it was announced that Rocker would appear on the 29th season of the competitive reality series Survivor alongside his girlfriend Julie McGee.

Where did Jeff Kent go to college?

Edison High School
University of California, Berkeley
Jeff Kent/Education

Will Jeff Kent be in the Hall of Fame?

For the 2022 BBWAA Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, it is now Jeff Kent’s ninth go-round, meaning he has just one chance remaining, assuming he doesn’t get in this time. Kent was in the mid-teens in percentages in his first six votes, but has gone from 18.1 percent to 27.5 percent to 32.4 percent in his last three years.

How tall is Jeff Kent?

6′ 1″Jeff Kent / Height

What year did Jeff Kent retire?

Jeff Kent officially announced his retirement on Thursday, January 22, 2009, finishing his career with a . 290 lifetime batting average, 377 home runs (tied for 62nd with Norm Cash), 560 doubles (tied for 20th with Eddie Murray]], and 1518 rbi’s (47th).

Did Jeff Kent get a World Series ring?

Kent would later receive a World Series ring by the Blue Jays. Kent’s time with the Mets was marked with some success and some failure. Although he batted well, particularly for a second baseman, the Mets were among the worst teams in the National League.

What got John Rocker in trouble?

In 30 games with the Rangers, Rocker had a 6.66 ERA and got himself into more trouble when he shouted gay slurs toward patrons at a restaurant in Dallas.

Who is Jeff Kent from Survivor?

Longtime MLB player Jeff Kent did well for himself on the show in season 25. Former NBA player Scot Pollard, former NFL player Brad Culpepper and former NFL and college football coach Jimmy Johnson all were Survivor contestants as well.

What NFL teams did the Survivor castaway play for?

This Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Game Changers castaway was a defensive tackle in the NFL for nine seasons, playing for the Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Bears from 1992 to 2000.

What did Natalie Anderson say to rocker on Survivor?

Nadiya’s sister, Natalie Anderson, yelled at Rocker following his final immunity challenge. She brought up his past racist and homophobic comments and told the Coyopa Tribe to vote him off.

What is ‘Survivor San Juan del Sur?

Survivor: San Juan del Sur: Blood vs. Water? of the hit reality series premiered on CBS in September 2014, and it pitted loved ones against each other. If you’ve never seen Survivor, I’ll try to briefly explain it. Two tribes both build shelter, make fire and find food and water on a remote island.