What does Jagr mean?

What does Jagr mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jágr is a Czech-language surname. It is related to the German surname Jäger which means “hunter” in German.

Is Jagr still playing?

Former NHL player Jaromir Jagr has decided that he will continue to play for Kladno in the Czech Extraliga even as he nears his 50th birthday. Jagr will be turning 50 in February 2022, but he said that people are still expecting him to play — and to play well.

How old is Jamar Jager?

50 years (February 15, 1972)Jaromír Jágr / Age

How tall is Jagr?

6′ 2″Jaromír Jágr / Height

Where is Jagr?

Rytíři KladnoJaromír Jágr / Current team (#68 / Right wing)

What team does Jagr own?

At 49-years-old, Jagr is still playing for the team he owns in the Czech Republic. He became the majority owner of Kladno in 2011, replacing his father, also named Jaromir. “Do you know why I’m still playing?” Jagr told The Hockey News in comments published Wednesday.