What does its logistics sell?

What does its logistics sell?

We provide truckload, less-than-truckload and complete freight transportation management with thousands of nationwide carriers and a dedicated team that truly cares about your business.

What does Its Logistics do?

About ITS Logistics, LLC ITS Logistics is a premier 3PL that provides personalized supply chain solutions with an asset-based dedicated fleet that ranks in the Top 50 in the US, innovative distribution and fulfillment services with more than 1 million square feet, and a Top 50 asset-light transportation division.

Who owns its logistics?

Private investment firms McNally Capital and Coughlin Capital announced they have jointly acquired ITS Logistics, a warehousing and logistics firm based in Sparks, Nevada, for an undisclosed amount.

How do I get into logistics sales?

How to Boost Sales in Logistics in 7 Steps

  1. Define a Formal Sales Process.
  2. Start Inbound Marketing.
  3. Update Sales Enablement Resources.
  4. Book Trade Shows (or Other Events) For Lead Capture.
  5. Set Up a Sales Automation Platform.
  6. Differentiate Your Logistics Business Niche.
  7. Offer More Complete Services Than the Competition.

How many employees does its logistics have?

How many employees does ITS Logistics, LLC have? ITS Logistics, LLC has 501 to 1,000 employees.

When was its logistics founded?

About ITS Logistics: We were founded in 1999 with the purpose of improving the quality of life by delivering excellence in everything we do.

Where is its logistics located?

Located in Northern Nevada, ITS Logistics is based at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with scenic Lake Tahoe less than an hour away. The Truckee Meadows enjoys four full seasons, and you’ll find skiing, hiking, climbing, boating, camping, golfing, fishing, biking and other outdoor activities right in our backyard.

What kind of services does its logistics offer?

Combine any of our third party logistics company services like dedicated transportation, full truckload, intermodal and drayage, omnichannel fulfillment, logistics management and more to create a complete supply chain solution for you. Who is ITS Logistics?

Why its transportation solutions?

The ITS team has been instrumental in helping change the supply chain operations strategy of one of our biggest clients. ITS created a custom, scalable transportation solution to help reduce order cycle time and cost variability while delivering solid execution. This allows our core team to focus on delivering strategic results.