What does hanky panky slang mean?

What does hanky panky slang mean?

Definition of hanky-panky 1 : questionable or underhanded activity. 2 : sexual dalliance.

Is Hanky Panky inappropriate?

A debaucherous act; a sexual act that is considered inappropriate. Alternative spelling of hanky-panky.

How do you use hanky panky in a sentence?

Hanky-panky sentence example

  1. No hanky-panky, you know.
  2. When bold-face names aren’t involved, hanky-panky appears to have little impact.
  3. Fig Leaves has another half-slip from Hanky Panky .
  4. I told her we had house rules; no hanky-panky, but she didn’t believe me.

How old is the term hanky panky?

Origin of Hanky Panky This expression originated around the 1840s, and it initially had only the meaning in definition 2. Its first recorded use has no sexual connection (which the phrase sometimes connotes today). The first use was in the British humor magazine Punch, or the London Charivari in 1841.

What is the full form of hanky?

nounWord forms: plural hankies. informal short for handkerchief. Collins English Dictionary.

Who invented hanky panky?

Ada ‘Coley’ Coleman
The Hanky Panky was conceived by Ada ‘Coley’ Coleman, Head Bartender at the Savoy Hotel’s American Bar, at the start of the twentieth century. Coley served at The Savoy from 1903 until her retirement in 1926, bowing out with icon status and a famous cocktail to her name.

Is Hanky Panky a dance?

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: “Hanky Panky” by Tommy James and the Shondells. The original “Hanky Panky” is a bit of girl-groupish filler, a dance craze cash-in for a dance craze that didn’t actually exist. The sole verse namedrops some of Barry and Greenwich’s inspirations: the Tokens, the Drifters, the Coasters.

Who wrote Hanky Panky song?

Ellie Greenwich
Jeff Barry
Hanky Panky/Composers

Where does the term hanky come from?

The term is first recorded, in relation to its original ‘trickery’ meaning, in the first edition of ‘Punch, or the London Charivari’, Vol 1, September 1841: “Only a little hanky-panky, my lud. The people likes it; they love to be cheated before their faces.”

What is a Hankey?

Definitions of hankey. a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory. synonyms: handkerchief, hankie, hanky.

What is manky in British slang?

/ (ˈmæŋkɪ) / adjective mankier or mankiest slang. worthless, rotten, or in bad taste. dirty, filthy, or bad.

What the hell does Hanky Panky mean?

mischievous behaviour, dishonest or shady activity. (“I think there was some hanky-panky with the last election.”) sexual intercourse or other sexual activity, especially if illicit. hangk′i-pangk′i, n. jugglery, trickery.

What is the origin of the phrase Hanky Panky?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Hanky-panky’? This is one of those nonsense terms that was just made up as having an attractive alliteration or rhyme, like ‘ the bee’s knees ‘, ‘the mutt’s nuts’ etc. The words themselves have no inherent meaning, although it is possible that ‘hanky-panky’ derives as a variant of ‘hoky-poky’ or ‘ hocus-pocus ‘.

What does sanky panky mean in Urban Dictionary?

When with men, the sanky-panky assumes an active (a.k.a. top) role, but when with women, assumes the role of an ideal lover. While strictly speaking they are not prostitutes, since they do not directly negotiate money for sex, they are more likely to create a pseudo-relationship which can be continued when the guest returns home.

What is the male of the hanky?

A song entitled ” Mr. Hankey,the Christmas Poo ” was released on CD and cassette,alongside the song,” Simultaneous “.

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