What does foundation garment mean?

What does foundation garment mean?

foundation garment. noun. a woman’s undergarment worn to shape and support the figure; brassiere or corset.

Why do we wear foundation garments?

Foundation garments are worn to emphasize body shape. They usually require technological advances in garment design and light-weight fabrics to create different body figures. A foundation garment may be worn for a specific outfit. Being underwear, the foundation garment should not be visible under the outerwear.

Is a bra a foundation garment?

A foundation garment is any gar- ment that supports or controls a woman’s figure. Sometimes the term is associated only with corselets or corsets, but it covers many other types of garments as girdles, panty girdles, garter belts, and bras- sieres.

What is the foundation garments for swimwear?

The full-figured swimwear foundation has two variations: skirted and without a skirt. This foundation and its designs can be cut in woven fabrics (with darts required to control fit) or in knit fabrics that are combined with Lycra. The bust is shaped for bra cups to help support the upper area of the garment.

What is the definition of shapewear?

noun. undergarments designed to mold or hold various parts of the body to a certain shape: shapewear designed to slim your waist.

What is inner wear?

noun. garments worn on or near the skin, as underwear.

What is the purpose of shape wear?

Shapewear is simply underwear which is designed to temporarily alter the shape of the wearer’s body, typically to flatten their stomach and make them look slimmer and more attractive in the outfit they’re wearing over the top.

What is trouser foundation?

Comfortable, durable and eco-aware crafted from organic cotton, the Foundation Pant is a relaxed, tapered fit and features non-slip rubberized internal waistband, concealed stash and utility pockets and a PFOA-free durable water resistant coating. Also available in Stone and Forest.

Which Fibre is used in swimwear?

The most popular fiber blend used in swimwear today is nylon and spandex. Although nylon is a very strong fiber, it has poor resistance to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Why nylon is used to make swimsuits?

Answer: Nylon: Because of its strength nylon is by far the most popular swimwear fabric. Swimwear made out of nylon is very lightweight and dry fast, which makes it ideal for aquatic use.

What are outer garments?

outer garments in British English plural noun. the garments that are worn over a person’s other clothes.