What does extricate mean mean?

What does extricate mean mean?

Definition of extricate transitive verb. 1 : to free or remove from an entanglement or difficulty. 2a : to distinguish from a related thing. b archaic : unravel.

What does extricate mean in a car accident?

Vehicle extrication is the work of removing a vehicle from around a person who has been involved in an accident. It is necessary when the normal means of getting out of the vehicle are not possible, whether the frame of the car is too damaged or because the person is impinged inside or under the vehicle.

What is the meaning of extricate in a sentence?

Definition of Extricate. to free or remove something or someone. Examples of Extricate in a sentence. 1. If the magician does not extricate himself from the water tank in the next forty-five seconds, he will die.

Which word best describes extricate?

1 loose, rescue, deliver, liberate.

What does extricate mean in psychology?

extricate. Verb. Free (someone or something) from a constraint or difficulty. facilitate.

How do you extricate a car?

  1. Step 1: Access the rear door latch. Gain access to the rear door latch by spreading the rear door window.
  2. Step 2: Pop the rear door latch. Place your spreaders into the gap that you have created near the latch.
  3. Step 3: Make a relief cut.
  4. Step 4: Begin to spread.
  5. Step 5: Cut the B post.

What do firefighters use to cut cars?

Hydraulic claws that pry open wrecked vehicles. Powered by hydraulic pumps, the tools can widen and cut through steel, allowing firefighters to pull people from wrecked cars. Flaherty says the “Jaws of Life” can apply 320,000 pounds of pressure. “They can cut through anything,” he says.

Which best expresses the meaning of the given word extricate?

Hint: The meaning of extricate is to disentangle something from a constraint.

What are some synonyms for extricate?

synonyms for extricate

  • bail out.
  • detach.
  • differentiate.
  • disengage.
  • disentangle.
  • extract.
  • liberate.
  • rescue.

What is the synonym of extricate?

Some common synonyms of extricate are disembarrass, disencumber, disentangle, and untangle.

What is the meaning of extricated?

› to remove something or set something free with difficulty: It took hours to extricate the car from the sand. I tried to extricate myself from the situation.

What is the difference between’extricate’and’disentangle’?

While a number of words (such as “disentangle”) share with extricate the meaning of “to free from difficulty,” extricate suggests the act of doing so with care and ingenuity, as in “Through months of careful budgeting, he was able to extricate himself from his financial burdens.” Several survivors were extricated from the wreckage.

Is this paper definitive in telling us that self extrication is the best?

In summary this paper is really interesting and I commend the authors on doing some great work that contributes to the debate. Is it definitive in telling us that self extrication is the best? No it’s not, but it does contribute to the debate on the subject.

What is the meaning of exaclty?

verb (used with object), ex·tri·cat·ed, ex·tri·cat·ing. to free or release from entanglement; disengage: to extricate someone from a dangerous situation. to liberate (gas) from combination, as in a chemical process. 1 loose, rescue, deliver, liberate. QUIZ YOURSELF ON AFFECT VS. EFFECT!