What does E7018 B2 mean?

What does E7018 B2 mean?

Pinnacle Alloys E7018-B2L (E8018-B2L) are low-hydrogen electrodes producing weld metal that nominally contains 1.25% Cr and 0.5% Mo. The maximum carbon of 0.05% will improve ductility and lower hardness, it will also reduce the high temperature strength and creep resistance of the weld metal.

What is 8018 B2 welding rod used for?

The 8018-b2 welding rod is used mainly for welding steels with higher tensile strength, higher than 80,000. The flux of this rod has a higher iron powder content. Furthermore, the rod is designed to be used in high heat and humidity conditions.

What does E8018 mean?

DESCRIPTION: Pinnacle Alloys E8018-B2 is an outstanding welding electrode for higher strength steels with tensile strengths greater than 80,000 pounds.

What ER70S 6?

DESCRIPTION: Pinnacle Alloys ER70S-6 is a premium carbon steel electrode formulated for welding carbon steels with a yield strength range of 55,000-70,000 psi. It is a terrific choice for welding pressure vessels, structural steel, pipe, steel buildings, and automotive repair.

What is E8018-B2?

DESCRIPTION: Pinnacle Alloys E8018-B2 are low-hydrogen electrodes producing weld metal that nominally contains 1.25% Cr and 0.5% Mo. They are designed to produce weld metal for high- temperature service and for matching the properties of some chromium-molybdenum base materials such as ASTM A387 Grade 11.

What does the 7018 on a welding rod mean?

The 7018 Welding Rod The “E” in E7018 electrode indicates a tool used for an arc-welding process. The 70 means it makes welds that are very strong (70,000 psi). The 18 means two things: The “1” means the electrode can be used in any position, and the “18” means low hydrogen and usually DC current.

What is the tensile strength of er80s 6 in KSI?

Recommend using preheat and inter-pass temperature of 350º F min….ER80S-B6.

Deposited Mechanical Properties (S.R.) 1575º F for 2 Hours
Tensile Strength 78,500 psi
Elongation 32%