What does Ccxml stand for?

What does Ccxml stand for?

Abstract. This document describes CCXML, or the Call Control eXtensible Markup Language. CCXML is designed to provide telephony call control support for dialog systems, such as VoiceXML [ VOICEXML ].

What is vxml used for?

VoiceXML (VXML) is a digital document standard for specifying interactive media and voice dialogs between humans and computers. It is used for developing audio and voice response applications, such as banking systems and automated customer service portals.

What is vxml Gateway?

The VoiceXML gateway, or voice portal, serves as the heart of any VoiceXML-enabling network. Through the portal, VoiceXML applications gain access to the users of telephony devices while providing users with text-to-speech, speech recognition, media resources, and, often, access to the Internet.

What is VoiceXML in mobile application development?

What is event in CCXML?

is used to send messages containing events or other information directly to another CCXML Interpreter or other external systems using an Event I/O Processor. The event target of is specified using the target and targettype attributes. These attributes control how the platform should dispatch the event to its final destination.

How does CCXML work?

CCXML programs directly manipulate Connection Objects and Conference Objects with various elements in the language, such as , , and . CCXML may also receive events from Connection and Conference Objects, in the case of line signaling, line-status informational messages, or error and failure scenarios.

How do I send arbitrary events to CCXML documents?

In addition, users/programmers may use to send arbitrary events to internal or external destinations, or may send arbitrary events to CCXML documents from internal or external sources and may specify transition handlers to handle these events.

What happens when A CCXML application is redirected?

The CCXML application will receive a connection.redirected event. If the redirection fails for any reason, the call receives an error.connection event. Two connections can merge at the network level (bridging the calls at the switch) when both of them are in a CONNECTED state.