What does blue paper mean?

What does blue paper mean?

What is the meaning of blue in paper? The blue paper is the legal form that identifies the person, that this person has a mental illness, not a medical one, and that this illness puts them at significant risk to ones self or others that, they are in need of psychiatric evaluation and hospitalization.

What does touch paper mean?

Definition of touch paper : paper impregnated with potassium nitrate that burns steadily without flame and is used to aid the ignition of small fireworks.

What does light of touch mean?

light touch. a friendly, relaxed, or humourous way of doing something: She brings a light touch to the office hiring rituals, which makes everyone feel comfortable. Want to learn more?

Why is it called blue paper?

Dutch 17th- and 18th-century papermakers were known for their production of finely crafted papers, especially those of a purplish color. French importers of Dutch paper coined the term Bleue Hollande or Dutch blue.

What is the difference between a white paper and a blue paper?

Traditionally a “white paper” is a thorough but concise guide to a complex issue or occurrence; NBC used to do a series called NBC White Paper, one-hour documentaries on timely topics. A “blue paper” is a set of technical specs.

What does the term soft touch mean?

Definition of soft touch : a person who is easily imposed on or taken advantage of. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About soft touch.

What is firm touch?

1 not soft or yielding to a touch or pressure; rigid; solid. 2 securely in position; stable or stationary.

What is the blue writing?

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, writing or letter paper was recognizable by its blueness. Although a letter could certainly be written on paper of any color, and blue paper could be used for other purposes, from the nineteenth century on, blue was the standard color for letter paper.

What color Is blueprint paper?

The blueprinting paper, which is still white, is placed in an aqueous solution of potassium ferricyanide. This compound reacts with ammonium ferrous citrate and forms a compound called prussian blue. This compound, in it’s hydrated form, is blue.

What is whitepaper Cryptocurrency?

Easy. A document released by a crypto project that gives investors technical information about its concept, and a roadmap for how it plans to grow and succeed.

What does red cent mean in English?

red cent in British English noun. (used with a negative) informal, mainly US. a cent considered as a trivial amount of money (esp in the phrases not have a red cent, not worth a red cent, etc)

What is the meaning of light the blue touch paper?

Blue touch paper is a type of fuse used in explosives. The phrase light the blue touch paper thus gives the imagery of doing something which causes a figurative explosion of emotion. Blue paper has no special significance, nor does touching blue paper.

Why do we light the blue touch paper and retire immediately?

Naturally, instructions such as light the blue touchpaper and retire (immediately) have been especially used in reference to Bonfire Night, i.e., the 5th of November, on which bonfires and fireworks are lit in memory of the Gunpowder Plot.

Can you light the blue touch paper for Coventry and Warwickshire entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs in Coventry and Warwickshire are being given the opportunity to light the blue touch paper on a new business park. DAVID MOYES today claimed a thriving and united squad can help Jo light the blue touch paper on his Premier League career.

What lightened the blue touch paper on Porter?

It takes very little to light the blue touch paper when the Maroons of Queensland and the Blues of New South Wales lock horns and the chance of a series whitewash in favour of the Maroons is enough to ensure a typically full-blooded affair is in the offing. That was enough to light the blue touch paper on Porter.