What does Austen Kroll do for a living?

What does Austen Kroll do for a living?

Cast member Austen Kroll is an entrepreneur who comes to Stowe with his plate full. After a chaotic year involving a breakup and hustling to launch his craft beer brand, he is ready for a vacation.

Does Kathryn from Southern Charm have a job?

Although she does not work as a retail associate anymore, she does still work for the store as a brand ambassador, which fans can see via Kathryn’s Instagram.

Does Whitney on Southern Charm have a job?

He is the Creator and Executive Producer of Bravo’s Southern Charm, a “reality docu-series” about life in Charleston, South Carolina. He is also an executive producer on the Savannah and New Orleans spin-off shows.

What happened to Whitney’s restaurant Southern Charm?

The restaurant was under construction and due to open for almost two years, as seen on Southern Charm, but, officially, Eater reported that restauranteur Bryan Kestner, who was working on the French/Mexican tequila bar and fine dining establishment, decided to end the project.

Did Catherine get fired from Southern Charm?

SOUTHERN Charm’s Kathryn Dennis has been fired as a brand ambassador for Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant, a luxury lifestyle store in South Carolina. Her previous affiliation as a brand ambassador was periodic and on a contract basis. “We stand in unity with people of color and with causes that fight to end injustices.”

What happened between JD and Elizabeth on Southern Charm?

John David “JD” Madison and his wife Elizabeth were constant fixtures on Southern Charm until after season 4 when the Madisons and friend Thomas Ravenel were both booted from the series. The reason for the split was that JD Madison cheated so the cast couldn’t figure out why she would return to him.

Did Whitney on Southern Charm ever open a restaurant?

New details on Southern Charm co-creator’s Generalísimo restaurant. First things first, Southern Charmer Whitney Sudler-Smith and Planet Hollywood creator Bryan Kestner’s new King Street restaurant Generalísimo will offer French-Mexican fusion fare with a Southern flair.