What does AHCC do to your body?

What does AHCC do to your body?

Patients use AHCC to prevent and treat cancer. Animal models suggest that AHCC has antioxidant effects and may protect against disorders induced by oxidative stress (1). It also enhanced resistance against bacterial (3) and viral infections (4), and has anti-inflammatory effects against colitis (20).

Can active hexose correlated compound cure HPV?

Smith, a pharmacist and an associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School, presented the results of a small study that found the supplement active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) can eliminate the HPV virus. The nutritional supplement is made from Japanese mushrooms.

How long can I take AHCC for?

Doses of AHCC ranging from 4.5 to 6 grams daily have been used safely for up to 6 months. A lower dose (3 grams daily) appears to be safe when it is used for up to 9 years.

Is AHCC good for HPV?

The preliminary results of this phase II study confirmed data observed in pilot studies that AHCC® supplementation for at least 6 months is associated with a 60% successful elimination of HPV infections and confirmed IFN-β correlates with clearance of persistent HPV infections.

How does AHCC work for HPV?

Both the animal and human data suggests the mechanism AHCC supplementation supports the host immune system to clear HPV infections is attributed to the modulation of the expression and signaling of IFNβ that is known to be elevated in chronic viral infections (16, 17).

How long does it take for AHCC to clear HPV?

Does AHCC help with HPV?

How do I use AHCC for HPV?

Participants received either AHCC 1g by mouth once daily on an empty stomach for 6 months up to 8 months or AHCC 3g by mouth once daily on an empty stomach for 5 weeks up to 6 months to clear HR-HPV.

How long does AHCC take to work?

How much does AHCC clear HPV?

The regimen they determined involves taking three grams of AHCC on an empty stomach once a day for up to five months.