What documents did Bashir Forge?

What documents did Bashir Forge?

The investigation released at the end of the week found Bashir forged bank statements to leverage Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, into arranging a meeting with the Princess, the BBC reported. “Obviously I regret it, it was wrong,” Bashir said. “But it had no bearing on anything.

What did Bashir do to Princess Diana?

A graphic artist working for the BBC said he had been asked by Martin Bashir to produce fake bank statements. These appeared to show payments by a newspaper group to a former member of staff of Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother.

What is Martin Bashir’s real name?

Martin Henry Bashir
Martin Henry Bashir (born 19 January 1963) is a British journalist….

Martin Bashir
Born 19 January 1963 London, England
Education King Alfred’s College of Higher Education King’s College London

What is the significance of the bank statements in the Diana interview?

The bank statements suggested people were being paid to keep Diana under surveillance, as Bashir encouraged Earl Spencer to persuade his sister to meet him. Here is a look at the key evidence seen by Lord Dyson: Documents falsely suggested individuals were being paid for keeping the princess under surveillance.

Why did Bashir forged documents?

Bashir produced a series of fake bank statements which he showed to Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, to secure access to the princess, Lord Dyson, a former judge, reported today. Bashir used faked bank statements to persuade Diana that officials were being paid by MI5 and the media for information about her.

Can you forge bank statements?

Lenders routinely request bank statements to verify income, cash flow, or assets. However PDF copies of bank statements can be altered or even completely fabricated.

What Martin Bashir forged?

What were Bashir fake bank statements?

Lord Dyson found that Bashir deceived Earl Spencer by showing him forged bank statements that falsely suggested individuals – including Mr Jephson – were being paid for keeping the princess under surveillance. The inquiry said Bashir had later lied, telling BBC managers he had not shown the fake documents to anyone.

What bank statements did Bashir Forge?

Mr Bashir forged bank statements to get Diana, Princess of Wales to agree to be on the Panorama interview. The Princess of Wales is understood to have already been very paranoid at the time as it was just after the Prince of Wales revealed he had an affair with then Camilla Parker Bowles.